【report】2017 Japanese cooking1

FULL★ “The instructors were really friendly and knowledgeable. It was fun and the food was excellent.” – from a survey
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Date & Time 2017年5月27日(土)10:00-13:00
Place Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan (2-14-23, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku)
Attendees 30 in total
non-Japanese: 22 (China*3 USA*2 Russia*2 Philippines*2 UK, Spain, France, Turkey, Korea, Indonesia, Nepal, AUS, Brazil, Argentina*1 each) Japanese:15(including 7 volunteers)
Menu ・ Mixed Sushi Rice
・ Shabu-shabu Salad
・ Shiitake Mushrooms Topped with Ground Fish
・ Clear Japanese Soup with Seasonal Ingredients


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