【Report】Let’s cook Japanese home cuisine!!

Time July 1 (Sat), 2017 10::0-14:00
Venue Cooking Room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguro-ku
Participants 34 (26 internationalstudents and 8 Japanesevolunteers)
University Tokyo Institute of Technology, Univ. of Tokyo, GRIPS, Keio Univ. Musashino Univ., Hitotsubashi Univ., Shibaura Institute of Technology
Menu – Pickled dish with Sweetened vinegar
– Onigiri: Rice ball
– Kenchin-jiru: Tofu and Vegetables miso soup
– Fried eggplant with Sesame flavor
– Sauteed chicken thighs with Japanese pepper *Halal chicken used
Voice of participants ・The event was organized and conducted very nicely. The recipes were easy to learn too. Overall it was a very enjoyable event.
・Yes, good environment, kind volunteers, new friends 🙂
・A lot of fun, well managed, and I learnt how to cook some new dishes

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