Volunteers Wanted for the 14th MIFA International Exchange Festival

Committee Members:to attend Festival committee meetings and join activities on Jan.20

Time Oct.6 (Sat.) 13:30-15:30

Nov.3, Nov.24, Dec.8, Dec.22, Jan.12 (Sat.) 10:00-12:00AM

Place MIFA

Type of volunteers

Support Volunteers: to help organize festival on Jan.20 (Join a meeting prior to it) ※Please register yourself as a member of MIFA prior to the festival.


Concierge Guide visitors at the reception and other areas of the venue.
Booth Help organize interaction between embassy staff and visitors, food/product booths, Stamp Rally, and Eco-stations.
Record Shoot videos and/or take photos of various activities of the festival.
Traditional Japanese Traditional *Ikebana: Help visitors experience Ikebana

*Tea Ceremony: Help visitors experience Japanese Tea Ceremony

*Kimono: Help visitors to put on kimono

*GO: Help visitors enjoy the game of GO

*Calligraphy: Help visitors enjoy calligraphy

Main Hall Foyer *Disaster Awareness: Distribute Meguro Disaster Survival Map and bottled Tokyo Water, etc.

*Drink Corner: Brew coffee/tea and sell it to visitors  ※Sales revenue will be used by MIFA to support its activities

*Writing System: Help visitors to learn writing systems of different languages

*Mini-Japanese Conversation Salon: Help visitors to converse with Int’l volunteers in Japanese

*Volunteer Party: Help organize a party for volunteers to be held 17:00-18:00 on Jan.20

Stage * Production:produce stage programs
* Time keeper:do time keeping
* Guide:guide performers
* AV:manage AV using a projector, PC, etc.
* Sound:manage media using CDs, audio tapes, DVDs, etc.
* Lighting:manage lighting
* MC:edit MC scripts and undertake MC
* Interpreters:1)interprete opening ceremony 2)attend representaives of embassies
Small Hall * Taiwanese Tea Ceremony:manage Taiwanese tea ceremony
* International Friendship/Cooperation Groups:manage their activities*Amusement for Children Team: Help visitors to enjoy amusements for children


Inform MIFA via email (info@mifa.jp) of your name, nationalitiy, address, phone number, the school you’re enrolled in, and your preferred activity.


Please access MIFA old webpage to see reports before 2017.(Click here)