【report】2018 Iranian cooking

Ms. Nahid, an instructor, demonstrated how to prepare Iranian and even gave us a gift of acappella song!
▼please click the photo to see a recipe▼

June 16, 2018 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00
Seishonen Plaza, Room #6 (2-10-13, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku)
Instructor Ms. Nahid Nikzad(MIFA member)
Menu  Shevid Baghali Polo with Morgh
(Dill and Lima Bean Rice with Saffron Chicken)
・ Shirazi Salad (Crunchy Salad with Cucumbers and Tomatoes from Shiraz)
・ Mast o Nanaa   (Yogurt and Herb Dip)
・ Ferni desert   (Milk Pudding)
Attendees 22 in total(U.S*3, France, U.K, Switzerland, Canada*1/Japan*10)
as well as 6 cooking volunteers
Comments ・The food was delicious. The presentation was interesting and easy to follow.
・It was a very grouply and lively event. It seemed like everyone had fun:) The energy was very positive and welcoming.
・Lots of fun. Met lots of lovely people.


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