【apply】International Student Presenter wanted – Cultural Ambassador Presentation


Would you like to do a presentation about your country to Japanese?
Date: October 13th (Sat.) 13:00-15:30
Venue: MIFA
Number of presenters wanted: Four (15 minutes by each presenter)
Eligibility: to be an international student, keen to introduce your country, as well as to improve your Japanese proficiency.
This activity is a “collaboration work” with Japanese volunteers. Assistance for translation and speaking in Japanese will be provided.
Apply to MIFA via E-mail (info@mifa.jp) with; 1) name, 2) sex, 3) nationality, 4) address, 5) phone number, 6) university, 7) your Japanese proficiency 8) abstract of your presentation (theme and contents).
*Application should be submitted no later than August 26th.
Remuneration: 5,000JPY on the day of the event. Also, 500JPY worth prepaid card at every meeting mentioned below.
Presenters are kindly requested to attend meetings scheduled on September 8th, 29th and October 6th, (Saturday) from 10:00 to 12:00. Also, to register themselves as a MIFA member (annual membership fee 500JPY).

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