[application closed] International Students, Cultural Ambassador Wanted!

Date: July 6th (Sat.), 2019 13:00-15:30
*** Application should be submitted no later than the 31st of March, 2019 ***
Type A: Introduction to your country, in Japanese
* MIFA volunteer will support your Japanese.
Type B: Co-presentation with a Japanese on a “topic”, conducted in English
* work with a Japanese presenter assigned by MIFA, and share different aspects between two countries.
* If you are interested in Japanese culture and want to share it with Japanese, you are most welcome!

Number of presenters wanted: 4 students
Venue: MIFA
To apply: mail to info@mifa.jp with 1) your name, 2) sex, 3) nationality, 4) address, 5) phone number, 6) university, 7) your Japanese proficiency, 8) choose type A or B, which you apply, and 9) additional information such as, the abstract of your presentation (type A), or the topic which you want to share with Japanese presenter (type B). *Application should be submitted no later than March 31st.

Remuneration: 5,000yen on the day of the event and 500yen worth prepaid card at every meeting mentioned with volunteers.
Notes: Presenters are kindly requested to attend meetings on May 11th, 25th , June 8th and 29th. at 10:00 – 12:00.
*You will be kindly requested to register as MIFA member (fee 500yen).


Please access MIFA old webpage to see reports before 2017.(Click here)