Meguro Persimmon Hall

Meguro Persimmon Hall, Meguro City

Autumn season for art has come. Why don’t you enjoy some music at Meguro Persimmon Hall? This concert hall has been a hub in Meguro City for artistic and cultural events since 2002. They have held a variety of performances, including not only concerts, operas and musicals, but also ballet and rakugo, a traditional form of comedic story-telling. It is a seven-minute walk from Toritsu Daigaku Station of the Tokyu Toyoko Line to the hall located in the Kakinokizaka Area. The name, “Persimmon Hall” originates from “Kakinoki”, which means “persimmon tree” in Japanese. As you enter the building, you will be awestruck by the natural soft light coming through the impressive glass walls of the building. From the inside of the hall, you can see beautiful autumn leaves through the glass walls. In the main hall, sound reflecting boards hanging from the ceiling enable pleasant acoustic sound vibrations. This halls is the first in Japan to implement this type of sound system. You can check the latest information on the perfomances at this URL (only in Japanese).




Here are some highlighted events.

Dec. 2 (Sun) Classical Music: Meguro Citizens Symphony Orchestra, 88th Annual Concert
Dec. 9 (Sun) Classical Music: Ave Maria in Christmas by St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra
Dec. 15 (Sat) Classical Music: Saxphone by Makoto Hondou (Mirai-no-Oto vol.28)



September 5th, 2018
Edited by: Meguro International Friendship Association(MIFA)