Seminar for Disaster Prevention

Meguro City is offering a disaster prevention seminar for foreign residents. In this seminar you can learn how to act during a disaster through experience-based lessons. This seminar is available to residents, workers and students of Meguro City.

Time and Date: Feb. 16 (Sat) 13:00 – 15:00
Place: Meguro City Office Complex (2-19-15 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku)
Contents: Experience on how to extinguish a fire, report a fire, emergency relief activity (emergency first aid ) etc.
How to apply: Please contact Culture & Exchange Promotion Section with your name, nationality, language, address, phone number (03-5722-9291, Japanese only).


January 5th, 2019
Edited by: Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA)