■Rice Cooked with Dried Young Sardines

Ingredients (Serves 4)                   
2 cups (360ml) rice
300ml water
30ml light soy sauce (usu-kuchi-shoyu)
30ml cooking wine (sake)
40g dried young sardines (jako)
1/2 sheet thin deep- fried tofu (abura-age)
1/4 carrot
6 sheets perilla (shiso leaves), cut into Julienne

1 Wash rice and put in a rice cooker. Add water, light soy sauce and sake. Let stand for 30 minutes.
2 Cut deep- fried tofu and carrot finely. Add into 1 and cook.
3 After rice has cooked, spread jako on top and let them steam for 5 minutes with lid.
4 Spread perilla on rice and mix softly.

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