■Shiitake Mushrooms Topped with Ground Fish

Ingredients (Serves 6)                   
12 shiitake mushrooms (take stems off)
160 g ground white fish
A 1/2 egg white
20 g nagaimo (yam, grated)
2+1/2 tbsp. mirin (Japanese rice wine)
1+1/2 tbsp. dashi (soup stock)
pinch of salt
B 1/2 cup sake
1/2 tsp. salt
aonori (green laver powder)
soy sauce and vinegar
red pepper powder

1 Grind fish and A in a food processor until smooth.
2 Soak mushrooms in B. Take out and gently wipe mushrooms to remove liquid.
3 Spread 1 on to inner side of mushrooms and mold and shape.
4 Boil steamer. Steam 3 for 8 minutes over medium heat (fish on top) with lid half off.
5 Glaze fish with mirin to bring out shine. Sprinkle with aonori on top before serving. Serve accompanied with red pepper powder and soy sauce and vinegar.

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