■■Clear Japanese Soup with Seasonal Ingredients
Ingredients (Serves 4)                   
800 cc shirodashi (white soy sauce with Japanese soup stock) + water
boiled bambooshoots (enough for slicing into 8 pieces)
8 pieces fu (Japanese dry baked wheat gluten)
1 tbsp wakeme seaweed
mitsuba leaves (portion as appropriate)
 *Or other green leaf vegetable.

1 Cut bamboo shoots into thin slices and boil briefly in dashi soup (Japanese soup stock outside of ingredients above).
2 Put fu into water. Let soak for 1 to 2 minutes and squeeze gently to drain water.
3 Put shirodashi and water in pan to boil. Add bambooshoots and wakame to warm.
4 Serve into bowl and top with fu and mitsuba.

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