British Cooking Class
(Oct 20, 2011)

British cuisine

An MIFA international cooking class was held on Oct. 20th. Twenty participants from 8 countries/areas cooked British dishes: stuffed mushrooms, chunky chicken & broccoli bake and traditional Scottish shortbread.

British cuisine is simple and easy to make. In order to make it better, the sauce should be paid attention. It is not so difficult. Each material has already been seasoned. You can choose and add any spices as you like. In that sense, British cuisine is good for our cooking class. The longer the time for selecting sauces, the better we can enjoy interacting with one another. The class was excited when the selection started. As an instructor form England prepared many types of genuine pieces of cheese and vinegar sauce, participants were able to have a wide range of options.

To our amusement, in addition to great British dishes, Japanese rice was added as a side dish. British cuisine is characterized by its flexibility. Everyone enjoyed the dishes without any feeling of strangeness.

The cooking class ended with a great success. Our thanks go to the instructor, a MIFA member, who elaborated a great plan and carried it out.

The next class is to be held in December 2011. Japanese cooking will be featured there. Please wait for the up-dated information to be posted on our website here.


Chunky Chicken
and Broccoli Bake
Stuffed Mushrooms Traditional Scottish Shortbread

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