Argentina Cooking°° ( September 25, 2008)


Lomo a la plancha con chimichurri
(Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce)
Ensalada Criolla Empanadas de humita
(Creamy Corn Pies)
Panqueques de dulce de leche
(Caramel Crepes)

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Report on International Cooking Class °»Argentina Food°…

°°Argentine Cooking Class was conducted on Sept.25 (Thurs.). Twenty people including those from the U.S., Germany, Hungary, Pakistan, and Indonesia participated in the class.
While listening to tango played by a CD player, they cooked a full course of Argentine cuisine instructed by an Argentine. The course consisted of creamy corn pies and Criola salad as appetizers, beef stake
with chimichurri sauce as main dish, and caramel crepes as desserts.

No wonder the dishes derives from food cooked by cowboys! The way of cooking was utterly audacious. Roars of applause from the participants were heard when the instructor beautifully fried a large steak using a pan specially designed for the purpose. In contrast, the method to cook creamy corn pies, which are shaped like Chinese dumplings, was very subtle.
Japanese participants, however, didn't look troubled in making them, probably because they are used to making Chinese dumplings--gyoza?at their home.
When they enjoyed the meal, the instructor showed them how to serve mate tea, an Argentine specialty, and also introduced to them the Argentine national flag, and Argentine cities and tourist sites, which were veryimpressive. A statement of the instructor, "I would like you to know the diversity of American continents" still lingers.
MIFA strives to expand international friendship through introducing cultures of various countries. We hope you will enjoy it.