Japanese Cooking°° ( February 21, 2008)


Garnished Sushi rice Japanese Salad
with Tofu and Daikon
Clear Soup

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"Cooking Japanese Food for Foreign Residents"

The Japanese Cooking Class held on Feb.21 (Thurs.) was attended by 26 foreign residents from 11 different countries. As Doll Festival was coming nearer, Chirashi Zushi (a big sushi served in a bowl, with sushi materials over the rice bed inside the bowl) was made.

Participants learnt how to fry eggs to be sliced and sprinkled over rice as well as how to curve out fish sausage to be floated on the soup. To fry thin sheets of eggs seemed difficult; there arose applause to ones who fried it well. Chirasi Zushi was then wrapped by instructors into a ball-shaped °»Temari Zushi°…, which appealed to the participants.

Regarding seasoning used to cook Japanese food, some eager participants raised questions such as, °»Is there any difference between conventional vinegar and sushi vinegar?°… or °»What is mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine) made of?°… which were answered by Japanese volunteers. Some participants took photos of labels of such seasonings, or even confirmed the meaning of the Chinese characters printed in such labels so that they could buy ones at a supermarket.

All of the participants attentively took part in the cooking and appeared to be satisfied with delicious food they made.

Hina-Matsuri or Girls°« Festival (March 3)

Hina-matsuri is a festival celebrated by families with girls, wishing their daughters a good health and growth by decorating beautiful dolls made solely for this occasion. On this day, they prepare special dishes like Red Rice, colorfully decorated Garnish Sushi, sirozake (white sweet sake made of sake and rice malt) and Hardshell Clam Clear Soup.