Pakistan Homemade Food( May 15, 2008)


Daal Chawal Chapati Chicken curry Fruit supreme

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MIFA organized Pakistan cooking class on May 15 (Thu.), 2008. 26 people including 14 foreign residents from USA, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Iran, Italy and Argentina participated in the class, which was lively and from beginning to end.

The cooking class was held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. as we extended period of a class for 30 minutes from this time. It allowed us enough time for having pleasant talk and exchanging although we had a lot to do °»to cook, to eat and to clear up°….

We made two kinds of curry, chapati and dessert. Pakistani lecturers instructed us how to eat curry, and we tried to eat like Pakistani as °»mixing salad and rice in lentil curry°… and as °»putting chicken curry on chapati°…

A participant from Malaysia said, °»We use coconut milk for curry, but Pakistani use yogurt as alternated. It°«s delicious too.°…

The lecturers introduced us Pakistan with maps, national flag, introductions of cities and tourist sites displayed on a whiteboard. Music of Pakistani singer°«s CD created nice atmosphere.

MIFA will organize a cooking class with a brief instruction of foreign country and culture, and expand the wave of international exchange.