Japanese Cooking Class
(Dec 10, 2011)

A Japanese cooking class was held on Dec. 10th. Twenty three participants from 12 countries/districts made easy and tasty Japanese home-made dishes: Oyako-don(chicken and egg on rice), miso soup, cucumber, wakame seaweed and dried young sardines dressed with sweetened vinegar and rice-flour dumplings with sweetened azuki beans.

Firstly a Japanese volunteer gave participants a presentation how to cook rice and Japanese stock, which are fundamental factors of Japanese cuisine.

After the instruction, participants were divided into five groups to make each dish. The cooking started with introducing each ingredient: what the name is, where it is available and how to eat it, etc. It was tough to explain the basic information about food we eat in our daily lives. Volunteers also explained the alternatives to the ingredients written in recipes, which was important especially for vegetarians. We paid special attention to them and prepared a specially arranged table.

We also made onigiri rice balls after eating dishes. Making onigiri is a nice idea to use leftovers when it comes to Japanese cooking. If only rice remains, you will be able to make onigiri easily. There is a variety of type of onigiri. This time what were embodied in the center were ume plums, salmon, seaweed seasoned with soy sauce, and several types of seasoned powder, some of which, together with seaweed, covers onigiri.

Overall, the cooking class ended with a great success. The next class will be held on February 23rd, 2012. We hope to see you then.