Report of Soba making on Nov.8, 2014

21 foreign residents from 11 countries and districts joined the event and tried to make Soba(buckwheat noodle).

After the brief introduction to Soba from MIFA staff, Mr. Suzuki, who is a volunteer member of MIFA and an instructor
of the class, showed how to make dough and cut it into stripes. In this section, some participants could experience cutting it.

With the support of volunteers, all participants tried to boil the Soba at each table. Once popping up Soba from
boiling water in the pot, they dipped up and put it into cold water. It took just about minutes. So it looked that all
members of each table did the process cooperatively.

The event broke up in a very friendly atmosphere. It was a great opportunity for all to experience the real taste of
Soba. The comments from participants were mostly favorable.