Report on the Persian Cooking Class


Potato Omelette Yoghurt and herb dip Saffron Chicken with
Dill and Lima-bean rice
Shirazi Salad

Communal cooking! The dinner table

"Shevid Baghali Polo with Morgh”
Dill and Lima bean rice with Saffron Chicken


Saffron Chicken
400g Chicken (skinned but bone in) 
1 Onion (medium size)
Turmeric, Saffron, Salt and Pepper
Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Lemon Slices (optional)
Dill and Lima Bean Rice
1cup Basmati Rice  
1.5~2TBSP Dry or Fresh Dill
250g Frozen baby Lima beans (sora mame)
  Salt ,Butter(1-2 TBSP), Oil


Saffron Chicken
1,Skin all the chicken.
2,Slice some onions thinly, about one large onion per chicken (chicken = two legs and two breasts)
3,Layer the pot starting with sliced onions then a layer of chicken
4,Season the chicken well with salt and pepper and bit of turmeric and cinnamon
5,Repeat until you have all the chicken and onions in the pot
6,Add some water to the pot such that about half of the layered chicken is covered by water.
7,Add the Bay leaves, a few lemon slices and let the chicken cook until the onions are transparent and chicken is soft
8,Add the saffron last, so the saffron doesn’t cook too long.

Dill and Lima Bean Rice

1,If you have time soak the basmati rice in water and salt the day before.
2,Bring two pots of water to boil.
3,Bigger pot for rice and a smaller pot for the Lima beans.
4,When the smaller pot is boiling, put the Lima beans in them and turn the heat off. Wait for a minute or two and drain and wash with cold water
5,Peel the Lima beans and wait for the larger pot to boil for the rice.
6,Put the rice in the large pan and boil stirring gently so the rice does not stick together, adjust the seasoning of the pot.
7,Water should be salty to taste (like cooking pasta)
8,When the rice shows some lines and is “half cooked” drain the rice
9,Put some oil in the rice pot and start layering with a bit of dill first (so your “tah dig” (the scorched part)comes out green!), then rice dill again and Lima beans.
Continue layering with rice, dill and Lima beans. Finish off by covering the last layer with dill.Pour 1/3 cup water. Peace for steam out.
10,Steam the rice for 40 minutes to an hour until the rice is cooked.(Keep high heat before boiling and turn to low heat for the rest 40 minutes)
11,Put some butter on the rice before serving, so the butter melts with the steam.
12,Serve the rice with chicken.
13,Iranian pickles also go nice with this dish!

“Shirazi Salad”
Crunchy Salad with Cucumbers and tomatoes from Shiraz

1 Tomato(medium size)
2 Cucumbers
1/4~1/2 Onion or green onion (chopped)
Chopped fresh mint or Parsley
or dill (optional)
Dry mint leaves
2 TBSP Lemon juice
2~3TBSP Olive oil
Salt and Pepper
Dry rose petals (optional)

1,Put diced tomatoes, cucumber, onion and fresh herbs the salad bowl
2,Mix them gently with your hands or wooden spoon so the tomatoes do not get squashed!
3,Cover the bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve
4,Juice the lemon and remove any pits add a bit more
olive oil than the lemon juice and season with salt and pepper
5,Pour the dressing on top before serving the salad
6,Add some dry mint and rose petals (optional) and give the salad a gently toss

“Kookoo Seebzamini”
Iranian Potato Quiche without the Crust


4 Potato (medium size)
1/3 pack Parsley
1 clove Garlic
1/2 Onion or Green Onion
5 Eggs
Saffron, salt and pepper
2TBSP Plain yogurt or Fresh Cream
Vegetable oil
Dried Basil, Lemon Juice, Baking Powder (Optional)
2~3   Lemon for garnish

1,Boil potatoes in water then mash them
2,Let cool completely
3,Chop onions and parsley very finely and grate or mash the garlic
4,Beat eggs well
5,Add salt, pepper, garlic, saffron and yogurt or cream to eggs and mix
6,Add the chopped onions, parsley and dry basil
7,Mix well
8,Add the grated potatoes last and stir well with a wooden spoon
9,Check mixture for seasoning
10,Heat oil in a nonstick pan until it’s hot
11,Pour in the mixture, flatten the surface
12,Reduce heat and fry about 10 min.
13,Cut into four or more, turn over and fry 10 min. more.
14,Serve with some lemon wedges and tomatoes
15,Or with some sour cream and salmon roe and fresh parsley

“Mast o Nanaa”
Yogurt and herb dip or side dish

In Iran it’s very usual to add dried mint or other herb to yogurt and serve it as a side dish.
This recipe is one of many variations of this simple yogurt side dish.

Yogurt 500 g
Water cress (kaiware daikon) half a pack
One clove of garlic or half tsp garlic powder
Salt and pepper to season
Some raisins or walnuts (optional)
Dry mountain celery leaves (optional)

1,Cut the roots off the kaiware diakon and chop (not too finely)
2,Mash or grate the clove of garlic
3,Mix all ingredients and season to taste
4,You can add about a table spoon of crushed walnuts and raisins if you like.
5,Serve with crackers or flat bread, chips or cut vegetables (carrots and cucumbers) as a dip.
6,Also great as a side dish with any Iranian or Indian food.
7,Sprinkle the dip with some “shi-chi mi” to make it a bit spicy and beautiful

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