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Let's try Japanese and World Cooking!
International Cooking classes are planned and conducted by Japanese and foreign volunteers.
They choose what to make, arrange the lecturers, print recipes, get ready the ingredients, and conduct classes.
Each time there are about 30 participants including volunteers and a lecturer.
We provide English recipes and arrange a different menu for vegetarians.
In class, Japanese and foreign participants prepare and cook the dishes together and eat what they make in class.
Members can not only taste authentic cooking but also experience the culture of that country and moreover the friendship and cultural exchange among participants in the class.
Recipes in English and in Japanese are available.

* As an instructor in the International Cooking Class:
I really enjoy cooking with the class participants talking and eating together. Through cooking I can introduce them to my culture . I get to expand my circle of friends . Some of the participants become friends and then teach me about their national food and how to make it.

Japanese Cooking Class[report]
FULL”ś "The instructors were really friendly and knowledgeable. It was fun and the food was excellent." - from a survey
TimeӤMay 27 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00
Place”§Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan (2”Ż14”Ż23, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku)
MenuӤ *please click the photo to see a recipe.
”ūMixed Sushi Rice
”ūShabu-shabu Salad
”ūShiitake Mushrooms Topped with Ground Fish
”ūClear Japanese Soup with Seasonal Ingredients
Attendees”§30 in total non-Japanese: 22 (China*3 USA*2 Russia*2 Philippines*2 UK, Spain, France, Turkey, Korea, Indonesia, Nepal, AUS, Brazil, Argentina*1 each) Japanese:15”Źincluding 7 volunteers”Ė.

Japanese Cooking Class [report]
Thanks to six volunteers, participants cooked very healthy and delicious Japanese dishes.
TimeӤFebruary 18 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00
Place”§Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan (2”Ż14”Ż23, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku)
*please click the photo to see a recipe.
”ūChicken Fried with 3 coatings
”ūQuickly pickled seasonal vegetables
”ūBoiled tofu Topped with mushrooms
”ūRice Cooked with dried young sardines
Attendees”§19 in total non-Japanese: 15 Korea*3 Kazakhstan*2 Australia*2 Indonesia*2 Canada*1 Bahamas*1 France*1 Netherlands*1 Thailand*1 Phillipines*1 Japanese*10”Źincluding 6 volunteers”Ė.

Peruvian Cooking Class [report]
TimeӤSept.17 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00
PlaceӤMidorigaoka Bunka Kaikan (2-14-23, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku)
1. Chicha morada (Purple corn juice)
2. Caldo de Gallina”ŹPeruvian chicken soup)
3. Papa a la Huancaina”ŹBoiled potatoes with cheese sauce)
4. Adobo de Chancho ( Peruvian Pork stew)
FeeӤMIFA member: 700yen / Visitor: 1,000yen

Japanese Cooking Class
TimeӤMay.28 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00
¢ØParticipants made four different delicious Japanese dishes.
¢ØSpecial thanks go to volunteers who kindly planned, made recipes,
bought ingredients, and showed attendees how to cook.
PlaceӤMidorigaoka Bunka Kaikan (2-14-23, Midorigaoka, Meguroku)
”ūSeasonal Vegetables with Sesame Sauce
”ūSauteed Ground Chicken-Tofu Ball with Teriyaki Sauce
”ūMixed Sushi Rice with Sea Bream
”ūEgg drop Soup with Japanese Ginger
AttendeesӤ21 in total
non-Japanese: 12
Canada*1 China*1 Finland*1 Taiwan*1 Switzerland*1 Thailand*1 Vietnam*4 UK*2
Japanese*9”Źincluding 6 volunteers”Ė

TimeӤFeb.20 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00
”śUnder instructions from six volunteers, participants managed to make four different Japanese dishes, which were delicious to their heart content.
PlaceӤMidorigaoka Bunka Kaikan
”ūFried Lotus Root with Shrimp Top
”ūGinger Rice
”ūBroiled Chicken with Miso
”ūTofu Sauce for Salad
Participants: 18 non-Japanese
China*£±””France*2””India*£±””Indonesia*1””Korea*4 Singapore*1””Thailand*£±Taiwan*£±””UK*£±””USA*4””Vietnam*1

2015 SOBA making [report]
Non-Japanese participants learned how to make soba (buckwheat noodle) and joined cooking processes.
They raised a lot of questions about soba making and ingredients.
Thanks go to Japanese volunteers who kindly helped organize this session.
Date: Nov. 21 (Sat.) 9:30-13:00
Place: Cooking Room, 8F, Kumin Center, Community Education Center (2-4-36, Meguro)
Contents: ”öIntroducing ”ČSOBA”É as Japanese culture, ”öDemonstrate how to make SOBA, ”öExperience preparing SOBA, ”öEat SOBA together with all the participants
Interpretation: available in English
Participants”§17 in total ”¦non-Japanese”§9 China”Ź2”ĖFrance”Ź2”ĖNepal”Ź1”ĖPoland”Ź1”ĖTaiwan”Ź1”ĖUK”Ź1”ĖUSA”Ź1”Ė”¦Japanese”§8

2014 SOBA making  

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2006 Japanese Cooking (October.19 2006)
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French Cooking (2005 3 15)

2004 Kenyan Cooking (2004 12 14)
Sri Lankan Cooking (2004.9.16”Ė
Thai Cooking (2004.5.13”Ė
Chinese Cooking (2004.2.19)

2003 Indonesia Cooking 2(2003.9.25)
Indian Cooking(2003.6.12)
Indonesia Cooking (2003.3.5)

2002 Vietnam Cooking (2002.12.4)
Nepali Cooking (2002.9.18)
Korean Cooking 2”Ź2002.6.1”Ė
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