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MIFA offers various programs to introduce foreign cultures to Meguro citizens
in cooperation with Embassies in Meguro City.

★★ Report ★★ Introduction to Togo & Togolese cooking class

Time: October 22nd (Sat.), 2016 10a.m.-2:30p.m.
Place: Meguro Seishonen Plaza
Instructors: Mr. Jules Kankoe ADUAYOM (Embassy of Togo Republic) / Edmond & Yukari Kamalo ("EkoLolonyon")
1. Introduction to Togo
2. Togolese cooking class
 ・Sauce de gombo avec Akume (Okra sauce with Akume)
 ・Poulet a la sauce tomate (Chicken stew with Fufu)
Participants: TOTAL 27 ppl (Myammer, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, Netherland, France...1 / Japan 21)

Mr.Aduayom, a staff member of Togo embassy, gave a presentation about Togo and its culture. He also mentioned about cultural differences between Togo and Japan.
Participants deepened their understanding about Togo through his presentation which is full of humor.
Then we learned how to cook Togolese food from skilled chef Edomond. Most of the participants had never tried Togolese food before. They enjoyed themselves a lot!


★★ Report on Introducing Polish Culture” Cooking and talking session”★★

The lecture introducing Polish culture was held on Saturday, September 21th, 2013 at Meguro Citizens center.
This event was conducted under the joint auspices of Polish Embassy, Meguro City and MIFA.

The lecturer was Ms. Dominika Jakimowicz from Polish Embassy. She gave us a presentation on Polish food culture: its history, cuisine in their daily life and for special days like Christmas and Easter. In this presentation, she introduced to the dishes which we cooked at the session.

24 participants including 5 non-Japanese residents cooked 4 Polish dishes:
Soup: Tomato soup with rice.
Side dish: MIZERIA (Cucumber in sour cream.)
Side dish: Polish potato mash(with plenty of butter)
Main dish: ZRAZY(meat roulade dish)

The instructor selected poplar Polish dishes which are easy to cook, though Polish cuisine usually takes a lot of time. Some polish stewed cooking needs more than a week to cook, she said.

Recipes are available on our cooking page: Introducing Polish Culture (Sept 21, 2013) Recipe

◆ Chopin's Home-Poland ~piano concert and lecture~

Date: September 12 (Sun.),2010 11:00 - 16:00
Place: Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall
(B1, Nakameguro GT, 2-1-3 Kamimeguro, in front of Nakameguro station)

11:00 - 11:10 Greeting by Polish Embassy
11:10 - 12:00 House where Chopin was born in Poland and other places he was living
12:00 - 13:30 Introduction to Polish traditional food, food bazaar, goods bazaar
14:00 - 15:00 Chopin's Music - concert by Masako Ezaki
15:00 - 16:00 Traveling and dining in Poland during Chopin's Year 2010

Polish hosts of Polish Forum TAMA Lecture about Chopin from his childfood before leaving Poland Audience listening to the lecture
Food sales (sandwiches and cakes) Goods sales Handmade potteries from Poland
Pianist Ms. Masako Ezaki Ms. Ezaki played Chopin's anthologies
Organized by MIFA, Polish Forum TAMA in Japan
Co-organized by Embassy of the Republic of Poland and Meguro City
Inquiry: to MIFA

◆Polish Festival.
"Polish Festival" was held on April 4 at Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall. About 150 visitors experienced Polish culture and tradition.
Date: 4th, April, (Sat.) 11:00-16:00
Place: Nakameguro Plaza Hall Organized by MIFA, Polish Forum TAMA in Japan and Embassy of the Republic of Poland Co-organized by Meguro City

11:00 - Greeting by Polish Ambassador Dr. Jadwiga Maria RODOWICZ
11:20 - Introduction of Easter Traditions
11:50 - Polish folk dance performed by "Mazur" group
12:20 - Easter Meal (sale of hors d'oeuvre and cake)
13:30 - Piano Consert by Mr. Michal Sobkowiak
14:00 - "World Heritage sites in Poland" by Polish National Tourist Office
14:50 - Mini-lesson of Polish Language
15:20 - Lottery

Link to the website of Polish Forum TAMA in Japan (in Polish)

Table coordination for Polish Easter Easter Eggs Polish folk dance
Piano performance by Mr. Michal Sobkowiak Presentation by Tourist Office

◆Egyptian Cooking Class with Short Talk(Egyptian Spring Festival)
"Egyptian Cooking Class with Short Talk" was held on April 15 at Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan.
Embassy of Egypt organized the event and MIFA co-organized.
Dr. Eng. Ahmed EL-Salmawy , Culture Attache,Culture, Education and Science Bureau of Embassy of Egypt,
demonstrated and taught the Egyptian home cooking.
29 participants followed the cooking procedure and could cook delicious dishes.
Dr. Ahmed spoke about Egyptian Spring Festival, Ramadan fast , Egyptian customs and its culture.

Cooking Scene Bamiya with Egyptian Rice,
Shurbit Ads (Lentil Soup).
Dr. Eng. Ahmed EL-Salmawy's Talk

Thailand Culture Show & Painting Exhibition

Thailand Culture and Show and Painting Exhibition was held on Sep.25 (Sun) 2005.
Place: Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall, B1 in front of  Nakameguro Station
Incoooperate with: Meguro City and Meguro International Friendship Association
Program: Water color painting exhibiton and demonstration, Fruit and vegetable carving demonstration,
Thai traditional dances, Thai product bazzar, Thai movie observation, Thai food and etc

11:00- Opening Ceremony; Speech by Ambassador
Thai traditional dance [1]
11:30- Demonstration of Water Painting[1]
12:15- Introduction of Thailand
Fruit and vegetable carving demon-stration [1]
13:00 Thai movie “The Overture” (106 min. Thai / Japanese subtitle available)
15:00- Watercolor painting demonstration [2]
15:30- Fruit and vegetable carving demon-stration [2]
16:00- Thai traditional dance [2]

Exhibition and Sales
Exhibition and sale of watercolor paintings, sale of Thai artifacts, Thai food sale started at noon.

◆Joint event with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Cultural Festivalv was held on October 30(Sat) 2004.
Organized by Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Co-organized by: MIFA and Meguro City
Co-sponsored by: Meguro Bar Association


In the morning. there was an opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan, the mayor of Meguro City and the Chairman of Meguro Bar Association gave speeches. About one hundred people were invited to the ceremony. Kazakh dances and music were performed and documentary movie was shown. At the lunch time people tasted Kazakh food.
In the afternoon there was a concert and dances were performed. Slides were shown as well as a movie entiltled "Wolf Club Among People". A talk ws given about the experiences of staying in Kazakhstan. About 150 people attended in the afternoon.
H.E.Mr. Bolat NURGALEIV Dances And Songs
Dombra Kobyz

◆Joint event with the Embassy of Egypt

MIFA is planning to hold three Egyptian cooking classes with short talk this year.

Part 1 Date and Time: July 11(Sun), 2004 10:00AM-13:30
Part 2 Date and Time: October 17(Sun), 2004 10:00AM-13:30
Part 3 Date and Time: January 16(Sun), 2005 10:00AM-13:30

Report pf Part 1
Place: Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, 3F
Organized by Embassy of Egypt
Co-organized by MIFA
Programs of Part 1
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mabrouk, Counsellor of Culture, Education and Science Bureau of Embassy of Egypt
demonstrated Egyptian cooking..
The menu were Jew's marroow soup, buttered rice and stewed potatoes in tomato sauce.
After meal, having mint-tea participants listened to Prof. Dr. Ibrahim's talk about Egyptian food culture and customs.
The room was filled with 30 people. They all enjoyed Egyptian dishes.

Cutting Jew's Marroow Prof. Dr. Ibrahim and Mr. Fathy Stewed Potatoes in Tomato Sauce

Report of Part 2
Place: Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, 3F
Organized by Embassy of Egypt
Co-organized by MIFA

Dr. Meselhy R. Meselhy, Ph. D., Cultural Attache, Culture, Education and Science Bureau,
Embassy of Egypt introduced Egyptian ccoking on Oct 17,2004.
About 28 participants enjoyed his talk and egyptian cooking.

Dr. Meselhy R. Meselhy's Talk Cooking Scene
Marinated Vegetable Egyptian Dish

Report of Part 3
The same instructors for Part 1 and 2, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mabrouk, Counsellor of the Culture, Education and Science Bureau of
the Embassy of Egypt and Mr. Fathy demonstrated Egyptian cooking.
The menu for the day was Papaganugu (eggplants and sesame paste), Egga (Egyptian omelette), and
Rozubi Raban (rice-dessert).
Lunch was served with an Egyptian bread called pita bread.
During lunch time, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim talked about pilgrimage and 'Id al-Adha.

Papaganugu (eggplants and sesame paste) Ega
Bake the eggplant in an oven. Peel the skin and cut off the tips of the eggplant. Mash the eggplant with a fork. Mix eggplant with the sesame paste and spices.
An Egyptian Egg omelette

Demonstration and explanation of cooking Talking about " pilgrimage and 'Id al-Adha".

◆Joint event with the Embassy of Bangladesh

The cultural event of " Welcoming of Bangla New Year 1411" was held in April 2004 at Meguro Persimmon Hall.
About 300 people attended the event.
A new year, the "1411" year, according to the Bengali calender, began in April.
Date & Time: April 10, 2004 10:30-16:00
Place: Meguro Persimmon Hall
Organized by the Embassy of Bangladesh
Co-organized by MIFA and Meguro City
Programs: On the stage the opening ceremony was held., followed by speeches, Bangladesh dances and a video was shown.
In the foyer, food was sold. In the hall handicrafts made of jute and leather and accessories and other goods were
displayed and sold.
In the afternoon Bangladesh artist, Mr. Aloptogin did a painting demonstration
Attendees could watch him paint a Bagladesh a scene right on the spot.

A speech by Ambassador
M. Serajul Islam
Ms. Reiko Kato,
Chief Director of MIFA
Banbladesh Dancing

Curry, samosa, sweets and other Bangladesh typical dishes are very popular among visitors The custom was introduced that the bride drawsMehndi(painting) on the palms of visitors.

◆Joint event with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland
1. An event to learn about Polish culture was held at the Nakameguro GT Plaza in December 2003.
Date & Time: Dec.13 (Sat) 2003, 10:00-16:00
Place:Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall (B1), I min. walk from Nakameguro Station
Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland
Coorganized by MIFA, Meguro City

Polish Language Speech Contest
A lecture by the director of the Poster Museum in Wilanow
(Maria Kurpik, the director of the Poster Museum in Wilanow near Warsaw, the oldest poster museum in the world, introduced posters of Poland)

Polish Movies

Fifteen speakers participated in a Polish language speech contest and presented speeches on various topics, which showed all the effort that they had put into learning the language.
Many native Polish speakers were in the audience or served as judges for the contest. The hall was full of the sound of the Polish language.
Following the lecture by the director of the Poster Museum, the hall was full with members of MIFA, citizens, and graphic and art designers.
106 very valuable posters, grouped by era were shown through slides and narration.
The lecture was really fun and informative. The audience learned that the poster designs have been influenced by historical background and also learned about the importance and the attractiveness of poster art.
Two Polish Movies, which have not been released in Japan, subtitled in Japanese were shown on plasma display panels.
Students who majored in Polish Language translated and made the panels.
The participants remarked that they enjoyed experiencing a variety of aspects of Poland in one day.

2."Michal Sobkowiak Piano Recital "
- A Concert of Polish Music -

Time: April 28, 2003 (Mon) 7:00-9:00 pm
Place: Meguro Persimmon Hall (Small Hall)
Sponsored by: the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Japan
Co-sponsored by MIFA and Meguro City

A piano concert by an excellent young pianist, Michal Sobkowiak was held .
An audience of over 100 people enjoyed his delicate and powerful performance.
The program that night was the music of Chopin and Szymanowski along with
some popular Japanese music ending with 2 encores.
Mr. Sobkowiak, who speaks Japanese, told us that he would like to
live in Tokyo someday.
He left Tokyo for Warsaw the next day.
At the same time in the foyer, pictures by Emilia Lepecka Okuyama,
a Polish artist who is living in Tokyo, were displayed.

◆The Joint Event with the Embassy of the Democratic
and People's Republic of Algeria.

"Algerian Culture Festival"                                        

Time: Feb. 7-9 2003
Place: Meguro Persimmon Hall (Small Hall)
Organized by the Embassy of the Democratic and People's Republic of Algeria.
Co-organized by Meguro City and MIFA

During the 3 day festival, over 1000 people visited and experienced the culture of Algeria.
On the stage in the Hall, Algerian history and artifacts, musical instruments and
native costumes were displayed.
A speaker, who lived in Algeria, spoke about Algeria and then a cencert of classic
Arabic music was performed.
In the exibition space in the foyer, arts, crafts and ornaments were displayed.
A demonstration of how to make Couscous was held, visitors experienced
a tea-ceremony and Algerian food was sold.
There were a variety of other programs as well.

Tea Ceremony (Tasting mint tea and date palms) Exhibition of potteries, textiles and folkcrafts
Culinary demonstration of national dish "Couscous"

The Embassies in Meguro City as of December, 2011,(Alphabetical order)

Embassy of the Democratic and People's Republic of Algeria
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Embassy of the Republic of Djibouti
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Embassy of the Gabonese Repubic
Embassy of the Republic of Kenya
Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic
Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Embassy of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Embassy of the Republic of Poland
Embassy of the Republic of Senegal
Embassy of the Republic of The Sudan
Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan


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