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Report on activities in 2009

This program was subsidized by the 2009 Regional International Students Exchange Programs of Nakajima Foundation that Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) has undertaken.

Reports on International Students”Ē Local Exchange Activities Supported by the Nakajima Foundation FY2009
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In 2009, 172 students from 32 countries and 10 universities participated in MIFA events from April through Novemember. The total number of participants reached 550, including 378 Japanese volunteers.

* Zen cultural experience in Kamakura
(held on Saturday November 14th)

This event was attended by 37 international students from 21 countries and 14 Japanese people.

In Hokaiji temple, international students tried Zazen, a Zen basic training, to unify the spirit by sitting in the right posture. In the afternoon, we walked aroud the old city of Kamakura.

* Introduction to Vietnamese Culture (3) - Japan and Vietnam
(held on Saturday October 17th)

This event was attended by 4 international students from Vietnam and 25 attendants, including 4 Vietnamese residents.

* Introduction to Vietnamese Culture (2) - music and dance
(held on Saturday October 3rd)

This event was attended by 3 international students from Vietnam and 27 attendants, including 3 Vietnamese residents.

* Introduction to Vietnamese culture (1) - Vietnamese food culture - taught by international students
(held on Saturday September 26th)

This event was attended by 5 international students from vietnam, and 24 Japanese residents.

* Visit Edo Tokyo Museum and Watch a Sumo match
(held on Saturday September 19th)

This event was attended by 30 international students from 16 different countries, and 10 Japanese residents.

We visited the Edo Tokyo Museum and had a tour with English-speaking guides for 90 minutes, and then watched the Grand Sumo Tournament at Kokugikan

* Visit the cultural assets of Meguro: Knowing Meguro is Knowing Japan
(held in themorning on Saturday September 12th 2009)

This event was attended by 13 international students from 10 different countries, and 6 Japanese volunteers.

We visited Daienji Temple, Meguro Gajoen, Gohyaku-rakanji Temple, and Meguro Fudo.

* Try on a traditional Yukata (summer kimono) and go out into the streets!
(held in the afternoon on Saturday September 5th 2009)

This event was attended by 17 international students from 12 different countries, and 14 Japanese volunteers.

The volunteers helped the international students put their yukatas on (which had been provided by MIFA). We then visited Kumano shrine (located in Jiyugaoka) where the autumn festival (`reitaisai`) was held. Students were given a guided tour provided by a Shinto priest (with an English interpreter).

* Introduction to Japanese Culture
(held in the afternoon on July 25 (Sat) 2009.)

This event was attended by 22 international students and their families from 14 different countries as well as 23 Japanese residents, including volunteers.

Activities: tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, origami

* Home Visits for International Students
held in the afternoon on June 21 (Sat) 2009.

Nine Japanese families were visited by nine international students from 7 different countries who are enrolled at universities such as Tokyo Institute of Technology, Rikkyo University and Waseda University.

To see more about home visits/stay program, click here.

Below are some photos from the session where students were matched with their host families.

* Making new Japanese friends through cooking sessions

held on May 23 (Sat.)””10:00-15”§00
at: Cooking Room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan

This event was attended by 13 international students/their families from 11 different countries as well as 14 Japanese residents.

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