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  • Report on International students exchange activities in 2013

    This program started in April and we conducted nine events until November.

    No. of participants: 583 (133 int'l students and 450 Japanese)
    Countries: 32 (Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Iran, Philippines, Bangladesh, Finland, Tunisia, etc.)
    Universities: 12 (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Univ. of Tokyo, GRIPS, Waseda Univ., TMDU, Keio Univ., Univ. of Electro-Communications, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, Showa Univ., TUFS, Bunka Gakuen Univ., Gunma Univ.)

* Home Visit (2)
held on November 30 (Sat), 2013
12 international students from 7 different countries visited a Japanese house and had a pleasant afternoon with their host family.

- The home visit was one of the most fantastic time I ever spent in Japan, the family that I was so lucky to visit is more than just amazing. Its already one year passed since I arrived to Japan, I couldn't go back to my country to visit my parents, this experience really something that exactly I needed.
- I am really appreciated and happy joining this activity. Both foreign friend and host family are so kind and we are very matched. Our host family is super kind. We made a lot of conversation. I didn't really want to go back and I felt like they are my real family although we just met.
- My family is so nice, welcome and experienced in kind of homestay/visit thing. I should recommend them for other participants. It was easy for us to connect with them. I hope they feel the same with me.

* Let's go to Kawagoe!
held on November 16 (Sat), 2013

We got together at Shinjuku station, then took a train to Honkawagoe station.
In Kawagoe city we walked around the city, guided by "The Kawagoe English Walkers".
Places to visit: Kawagoe castle trace area, The Kitain temple and heritages area, Japanese traditinal warehouseĦĦarea (Koedokurari, Renkei Temple "Obinzuru-sama", Soy sauce factory, Penny Candy Alley, Kitain Temple)

27 international students from 12 different countries/area enjoyed the event with 15 Japanese volunteers.

* Int'l student cultural ambassador presentation 2:
Theme: - Me and Japan
held on November 9 (Sat), 2013, 13:00-15:00

This event was attended by 35 people.

Mohammed Ansarul Alam (Bangladesh, GRIPS)
Shanthanu Rajasekharan Menon (India, Tokyo University)

To get to know more about the event, please see the following page (in Japanese):

* Int'l student cultural ambassador presentation - Tunisian cooking:
Kujinetuna "Our Kitchen"
Let's cook tasty Tunisian food together with Tunisian students!
held on October 19 (Sat), 2013 10:00-14:00
Venue: Cooking Room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguro-ku
Menu: Tunisian Salad, Brik, Couscous, Yuyu (dessert), Tunisian green tea

This event was attended by 27 people.

BELHAJ MESSAOUD SOUHA, University of Tokyo
and three Tunisian friends

* Enjoy Yukata, Shrine and Festival!:

held on August 31 (Sat), 2013
Venue: MIFA - Kumano Shinto Shrine, Jiyugaoka - MIFA

Contents: Students borrowed YUKATA, a summer cotton kimono, and tried it on.
Then they visited Kumano Shinto Shrine located in Jiyugaoka, where the chief priest gave lecture on the Shrine and a Shintoism. They also enjoyed the autumn festival held in the area.

23 international students from 6 different countries enjoyed the event with 13 Japanese volunteers.

* Int'l student cultural ambassador presentation - Iranian cooking:

"Kheili khushmaze! Let's cook tasty Iranian food together with Iranian students!"
held on July 20 (Sat), 2013 10:00-14:00

Venue: Cooking Room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguro-ku

Menu: Fesenjan stew with rice, Abkesh style, Persian Frittata With Fresh Herbs (Kuku- sabzi), Ash-e-Reshte, Firini

This event was attended by 31 people.

Nasrin Shafeghat, Waseda University
Farnaz Khatibi Jafari, University of Tokyo
Seyyed Morteza Heidarinejad Mohammadi, Waseda University
Rouzbeh Rouzbeh Rasouli, University of Tokyo

* Int'l student cultural ambassador presentation 1:
Theme: - Me and Japan
held on July 6 (Sat), 2013, 13:00-15:00

This event was attended by 46 people.

Ronald Muana (Philippines, Tokyo University)ĦĦ
Duan Run (China, Tokyo University)

* Home Visits for International Students

held in the afternoon on June 29 (Sat) 2013
12 Japanese families received 15 international students in their house.

<Voice of participants>
- This was my first home visit programme to a Japanese family. This home visit programme benefited me a lot. I enjoyed it very much and I? appreciate MIFA for organizing such memorable event for the international students who are coming from different countries.
- Very good day, I had fun meeting my family, we had supper and it was delicious, thank you for organizing it
- We shared our own experience with each other.? I showed some pictures of my country and describe some important and beautiful places in my country. We talked about some traditions in Japan and our experience in Japan after visit Japan.

Japanese cooking event:

[New Report!] Participants' Interviews

"Let's cook Japanese food together and make new friends through cooking!"
held on June 8 (Sat), 2013 10:00-14:00

Venue: Cooking Room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguroku

Menu: Cone Sushi and Sushi Roll, Simmered Chicken and Vegetables (Halal meat used), Boiled Vegetable in sauce, Egg and Chives Stir-fry, Hand-made Tofu, Miso Soup with Radish and Seaweed

30 people attended to this event, including 20 international students.

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