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  • Report on International students exchange activities in 2014
  • This program started in April and we conducted 10 cultural events until November.

    No. of participants: 619 (160 int'l students and 459 Japanese)
    Universities: 10 (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Univ. of Tokyo, GRIPS, Waseda Univ., Univ. of Electro-Communications, Musashino Univ., TUFS, Japan College of Social Work, Yokhama National Univ., Gunma Univ.)
    Countries/Area: 27 (Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Napal, France, Malaysia, Iran, Myanmar, Poland, South Korea, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey, Philippines, India, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Libya, Belgium, Guatemala, Brasil)

Home Visit 2
held on November 29 (Sat), 2014 13:00-17:0022 international students visited 9 Japanese families.Voice of participants-I think one of the best activity I ever seen in japan and I said to my friend that they live and study in another country like USA, south Korea and...and I described this activity to them and they like it so much and they said we never had such activity in my host country and they like this activity. -This is a meaningful activity which helps foreign students understand and learn about Japanese custom, culture and language.-Eating a lot of food and keep chatting for 4 hours. We talked about a lot of difference in culture between Japan, Taiwan and Brazil.-The best one is that we made an appointment to go out from now such as going to onsen, celebrating for new year party. My host family is very kind to us like their children. I love them so much. Thanks for introduce me with them.

Autum event - Walk around Kamakura
held on November 15 (Sat), 2014, 11:00-17:00This event was attended by 32 international students from 5 different universities and 12 Japanese volunteers.We got together at JR Kamakura station then, took a walk in Komachi dori street.We visited Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shinto Shrine and Engakuji temple (Zen temple), with Kamakura Welcome Guides.We also had a chance to watch Nichibu (Japanese dance).
Cultural Ambassador Presentation
* Int'l student cultural ambassador presentation 2
Me and Japan
held on October 25 (Sat), 2014, 13:00-15:00

This event was attended by 50 people.

DANG VU Minh Marie (France, University of Tokyo) 
Nabilah Shabrina (Indonesia, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Cultural Ambassador Presentation
* Let's cook tasty food together with international students
Venue: Cooking Room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguro-ku
held on October 18 (Sat), 2014, 10:00-14:00

Meena Watcharathiansaku (Thai, University of Electro Communication)
Rini Shintawati Cahaya (Indonesia, Gunma University)
Simon Grall (France, Tokyo University)
Felicia Teh Lee Fung (Malaysia, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Menu: Tagliatelle with lemon and fresh cream, Pad Thai, Mie Goreng, Cekodok Pisang

This event was attended by 32 people.

"Enjoy Yukata, Shrine and Festival!"
"Enjoy Yukata, Shrine and Festival!"
held on September 6 (Sat), 2014 13:00-19:00
Venue: MIFA - Kumano Shinto Shrine, Jiyugaoka - MIFA
Contents: Students borrowed YUKATA, a summer cotton kimono, and tried it on.
Then they visited Kumano Shinto Shrine located in Jiyugaoka, where the chief priest gave lecture on the Shrine and a Shintoism. They also enjoyed the autumn festival held in the area.
After coming back to MIFA, they tried to dance Bon festival dancing.
Participants: 17 international students from 8 different countries enjoyed the event with 14 Japanese volunteers.

Cultural Ambassador Presentation
* Int'l student cultural ambassador presentation- Thai & Nepali cooking
Venue:Cooking Room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguro-ku
held on July 12 (Sat), 2014, 10:00-14:00

Menu :Menu: Krapao, Yum Woon Sen, Wo, Suji ko haluwa
This event was attended by 33 people.

RAJALI MAHARJAN, ANUJA SHRESTHA (Nepal, Tokyo Institute of Technology) 
Chanya Charitkul, Pipat Methavanitpong (Thai, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Cultural Ambassador Presentation
* Int'l student cultural ambassador presentation 1
Me and Japan
held on July 5 (Sat), 2014, 13:00-15:00

This event was attended by 43 people.

Yaju Yang (Taiwan, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) 
Amal Dilanka (Sri Lanka, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Home Visit
Date and time: June 21 (Sat), 2014 13:00-17:00
Participants 13 international students and 10 Japanese host families
Voice of participants
-I highly appreciate this program. It brought me great opportunity to get familiar with Japanese living style and housing arrangement.
-I had a very good time during the home visit and I will gladly participate again on the same or similar event.
-The activity was very good. It could provide the good experience for me. I could learn some of Japanese experience and culture. Moreover, I could make good friendship with Japanese people.

Japanese cooking
"Let's cook Japanese food together and make new friends through cooking!"
held on June 7 (Sat), 2014 10:00-14:00
Venue: Cooking Room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguroku
Menu: boiled rice mixed with various ingredients, TERIYAKI chicken, clams steamed with soy sauce and butter, Japanese rolled egg, vegetables lightly preserved in salt
Participants:  26 people, including 16 international students.

International Welcome Party
time: held on April 19 (Sat) 12:00-14:00
Participants: attended by 39 persons including 17 international students
Nationality Japanese、Chinese、Taiwan、Korea、Myanmar、Thai、Indonesia、

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