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Report on activities in 2010

Report on International students exchange activites in 2010

Supported by Nakajima Foundationa through Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), the exchange activities kicked off with a meeting in April and, we conducted 12 different cultural events until November.

231 students from 42 countries and 11 universities participated and, the total number of participants reached 679, including 448 Japanese.

Thank you very much for your participation. Please access our website to know more about the activities. We look forward to meeting you next year.

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* "Presentation by international students (3) - Lebanon and Jordan"

held on Nov 20Sat), 2010.

No. of attendees: 29 (5 international students and 24 Japanese)

Country and Presenters
(1) Lebanon - Mr. Malek Anouti (Keio Univ.)
(2) Jordan - Mr.Mohannad Nassar (Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ.) "the Mosaic Country"

Coordinator: Italy - Mr. Enrico Masi (Waseda Univ.)

* "Presentation by international students (2) - Tanzania, Zambia and Senegal!"

held on Nov 13Sat), 2010.

No. of attendees: 35 (7 international students and 28 Japanese)

Presenters and the theme of presentation:
(1) Mr. Goodiel Moshi, Tanzania (Waseda Univ.) "the Land of Beauty, Nature and Humanity"
(2) Mr. Steven Daka, Zambia (Waseda Univ.) "the Real Africa"
(3) Ms. Gueye Oulimata, Senegal (Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center) "Fashionable Senegal"

Coordinator: Mr. Enrico Masi (Italy, Waseda Univ.)

* "Traditional Japanese Garden and JAXA Bus Tour"

held on Nov 6 (Sat), 2010.

No. of attendees: 42 (33 international students from 26 countries, and 9 Japanese volunteers)

We traveled to Ibaraki prefecture where, we visited Mito Kairakuen Garden, then, in Tsukuba Space Center (JAXA ), an English speaking guide took us to an one-hour tour to see their facilities and exhibition.

* "Srilankan cooking event"

held on Oct 30 (Sat), 2010, in the cooking room, Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguroku

No. of attendees: 26 (14 international students and 12 Japanese)

Ms. Ruwaiha Razik, an international student from Srilanka (Waseda Univ.) did an introductory presentation of her country/culture. Then, we cooked Srilankan food.

Menu: Dhal Curry, Chicken Curry, Plain Rice, Rottie, Rulang (Dessert)

* "Presentation by international students (1) - Food Culture of Central Asia: Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan!"

held on Oct 16Sat13:00-15:00

No. of attendees: 30 (5 international students and 25 Japanese)

Presenters and theme:
(1) Ms. Aslanova Afag, Tokyo Women's Medical University
Theme: Azerbaijan - the Land of Fire

(2) Ms. Bayan USKEMBAYEVA, Keio University
Theme: Food culture of Kazakhstan

*"Feel Sumo, Feel Japan!"

held on September 18 (Sat), 2010.

No. of attendees: 38 international students from 18 countries, and 10 Japanese volunteers

We visited Edo Tokyo Museum and did one-hour trip, guided by an English speaker. Then we moved to Kokugikan bldg. to watch Sumo wresting matches.

* "Try on a traditional YUKATA and join the festival!"

held on September 4 (Sat), 2010.

No. of attendees: 12 international students from 9 countries, and 17 Japanese volunteers

International students put on Yukata, a Japanese summer cotton Kimono, and visited the Kumano Shrine in Jiyugaoka. In the Shrine, the chief priest gave a lecture on Shinto religion.

* "Home visits for international students"




With host Family

* "Presentation by a Pakistani student"
What I'd like to take back to Pakistan from Japan
July 10 (Sat) 13:00-15:00

No. of attendees: 40 (3 international students from 3 different countries, and 36 Japanese and 1 foreign resident)
Lecturer: Mr. Ali ZAIDI, PhD student,
Department of Gene Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Research Institute, International Medical Center of Japan,
Contents: Part I "What I'd like to take back to Pakistan from Japan"
Pakistani wedding ceremony (by DVD)
Part II "Shojin Ryori and Seafood; The food habits lessons"

*"Let's enjoy Asakusa & Sumida river cruise"
June 26 (Sat) 2010, 11:45-18:00

No. of attendees: 42 (32 international students from 13 different countries, and 10 Japanese)

11:45 Meet at JR Shimbashi station
12:45 Visit Hamarikyu garden
14:45 Cruising for Asakusa, Azumabashi bridge
16:00 Sightseeing in Asakusa
18:00 Dismiss at Kaminarimon, Asakusa

*Invitation to Japanese tea world and Asobi
June 19, 2010 (Sat) 13:00-15:00

Venue: Japanese room, tea ceremony room, at Meguro City Office Complex
No. of attendees: 24 (9 international students from 7 different countries, and 15 Japanese)

(1) Tea Ceremony at Tea ceremony room; Observe the Japanese ritual of making and serving tea. Learn Japanese manners and how to drink tea.
(2) Enjoy making and serving tea by yourself.
(3) Traditional Japanese "Asobi" (amusements); Play your favorite amusements such as "Origami" (paper folding), "Ayatori" (a game with a string), "Ohajiki" (a small disc of glass used in a game ) etc.

*Making new Japanese friends through cooking event
May 22 (Sat), 2010

Venue: Cooking Room at Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan, Meguroku

No. of attendees: 32 (19 international students from 11 different countries, and 13 Japanese)

Menu: Okonomiyaki, Gyoza (dumplings), Warabimochi (Japanese sweet) and green curry. An international student from Thailand taught how to cook Thai green curry.

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