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The 6th MIFA International Exchange Festival

Thanks to your cooperation, as many as 3,300 people in total visited the venue during the festival. Our sincere gratitude is extended to sponsors, booth managers, performers, and volunteers who planned and managed the event.
Photographs will be uploaded shortly.
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Theme: "Meet the World at Meguro"
¡ÊMeet various people and cultures from across the globe!¡Ë
Time: Feb.5¡ÊSat.¡Ë11:30-16:00 and Feb.6¡ÊSun.) 10:00-16:00, 2011
Place¡§ Main&Small Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall / Kumin Campus Park
Organized by¡§¡§ Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA)
Co-organized by Meguro City, Eco-life Meguro Promotion Association

Traditional Clothes fans are welcome to this program.
You could show your clothes on the stage, and later take photos of yourself with international presenters.
Date/Time¡§ Feb.6 (Sun.) Meet:9:00AM Show:14:40-15:25
Place¡§ Main Hall Stage at Meguro Persimmon Hall
Fee¡§ Free (Cleaning fee may incur upon you¡Ë
Eligibility¡§ Anybody who could attend an orientation to be held at MIFA on Jan.22 (Sat.) 13:00-14:00AM or Jan.29 (Sat.) 13:00-14:00AM.
To apply¡§ Please inform MIFA via email or fax of your 1.Nationality, 2.Name, 3.Sex, 4.Height, 5.Mobile phone number (mobile), and 6.Email address, and 7.your preferred date for a meeting to attend.
Limit¡§ 10 persons for each day
Participating countries¡§ Algeria Poland Kyrgyz, etc.

Kimono fans are welcome to this program.
You could show yourself in kimono on the stage, and later take photos of yourself with other entrants.

Date/Time¡§ Feb.5(Sat.) Meet:12:30¡¡Show:14:30-15:10
Place¡§ Main Hall Stage
Eligibility¡§ To be an international resident.
Limit¡§ 20 persons
Fee¡§ 500yen (Please prepare 1,000 yen as a deposit for kimono; 500yen will be returned to you after the show)
What to Bring¡§ 1. Slippers or sandals, 2. White socks, 3. T shirt or tank top with open neckline,
4. White slip, petticoat, flared panty, and spats
To apply¡§ Inform MIFA via email or fax of your 1.Nationality, 2.Name, 3.Age group, 4.Height, and 5.Telephone number(mobile)

<Mail Hall>
Feb. 5 (Sat.) 
12:30-13:00  Tokyo Ondo
13:10-13:40  Chorus and Dance by Chilidren
13:50-14:20  "TRI FORCE" Super Hero Action Show
14:30-15:10  Kimono Show
15:20-16:00  Japanese Drumming
16:00  Closing
Feb. 6 (Sun.) 
11:00-11:20  All in Jazz 2011
11:35-11:55  The art of the Formosa Indigenous Song and Dance
12:00-12:30  International Communication KARAOKE
12:35-12:50  Chinese Martial art & Taichi Performance
13:00-13:20  Gamelan Degung
13:25-13:40  Enjoy African Folk
13:45-14:00  Fon Pootai (Srivijaya Dance)
14:05-14:20  Manzai International Club
14:25-14:45  Belly Dance
14:45-15:25  Trad Clothes Fashion Show
¡¦ Kyrgyz Folk Music
¡¦ Persian song¡¡
¡¦ Rajasthan Style Dance
15:25-16:00  Closing Ceremony¡ÊCapoeira and Samba Dance¡Ë
16:00  Closing

<Small Hall>
Feb. 5 (Sat.) 
 12:00-12:10 Folk Songs and Folklores
 12:20-12:40 Silat
 13:00-14:00 Jegichagi Gonggi
 14:00-14:10 Folk Songs and Folklores
 14:20-14:50 Double Dutch
 15:00-16:00 Jegichagi Gonggi
Feb. 6 (Sun.)  
 10:00-10:30 Erhu & Piano
 10:40-11:40 Jegichagi Gonggi
 12:40-13:40 Jegichagi Gonggi
 14:30-15:30 Jegichagi Gonggi

*-*-* Booths *-*-*
Group Content
¢¡ Food
<Park> Happy Kebab Chicken Kebab, Turkishi Beer, Pomegranate Juice
Guinea Embassy Couscous
Tanzania Embassy Mandaazi, Samosa, Curry
Vietnam Garden Vietnamese Pho, Raw Spring Roll
South Beauty Chinese Restaurant Chinese Noodles, Dumplings, Sweets
<Main Hall Foyer> Egypt Embassy Tameiya Sandwiches, Stuffed Eggplants,
Chicken Pie / Fish Pie / Meat Pie,
Copeiba¡ÊFried Meat Balls¡Ë,Sambousa, Koshari,
Basbousa, Gaak, Apple Cake
Cozy Crib Cafe Hotdogs, Burrito, Black Tea, Herb Tea
Algeria Embassy Couscous, Mahadjib, Bread, Cake
¢¡ Products
<Main Hall Foyer> Philippine Department of Tourism Display / Introduce Sungka
Poland Embassy Dolls, Toys, Accessories, Wooden artifacts, decoration
Kazakhstan Embassy Display
Kyrgyz Embassy Display
Uzbekistan Embassy Display
Sudan Embassy Traditional Crafts, Animal Crafts, Wallets, Tea, Necklaces
Benin Embassy Dresses, Beads, CDs, etc.
Djibouti Embassy Red/White Wine, Sambaussa (Vegetable, Beef, Chicken), Chicken Pastry, Cup Cakes
Kenya Embassy Coffee Beans, Spice Tea Leaves
<Small Hall Foyer> Algeria Embassy Ceramics, Carpets, Artifacts
Egypt Embassy Stationary Goods, Leather goods, Perfume, T-shirts,
Key holders, Scarves, Pyramids, Bags
Tanzania Embassy Carving, Clothes, Coffee Beans
¢¡ Other Categories
<Main Hall Foyer> Ikebana Experience Ikebana
Yuko Travel Free Int¡Çl Call
MIFA Drink Coffee and Hibiscus Tea Sale
MIFA Display Photos of MIFA Activities
TalkStep Communicate Using Skype
Stamp Rally Have Your Stamp Rally Sheet Stamped and Win Prizes!
<Small Hall Foyer> Thai Massage Thai Massage Demonstration
International Institute of Hashi Learn How to Use Hashi
Kid International Ltd. Craft Making & Games & Pupet Show Using English
Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School Fair Trade

¡ãPerformers are Wanted!¡ä
International residents who could introduce their music, songs (karaoke included),
dances, martial arts, etc. are wanted.
Please infrom MIFA if your are interested.

¡ãPresenters of Culture are Wanted!¡ä
Following international presenters are wanted.
Please infrom MIFA if your are interested.
¡¦Presenters of ¡ÈTea Culture of Various Countries¡É Wanted!
¡¦Presenters of¡ÈTraditional Clothes Fashion Show¡ÉWanted¡ª
¡¦Presenters of ¡ÈLet¡Çs Get Familiar with Characters of Various Languages¡É are wanted.¡¡
¡¦Presenters of "Amusement for Children" Wanted

¡ãSponsors are Wanted!¡ä
Sponsors to the 6th festival is being thought. Sponsoring an event in which a lot of international and Japanese residents take part would be highly appreciated.
Following PR of your organization would be conducted upon your participation as a sponsor.
¡¦Names of sponsors would be printed on 1000 Posters and 10000 fryers.
¡¦Names of sponsors will be put on MIFA websites.
¡¦Names of sponsors will be printed on leaflets for the festival.
¡¦Posters of sponsors will be put on panels at venues during the festival.

<Volunteers are wanted! (See details)>
Volunteers organizing at different groups the 6th MIFA International Exchange Festival are wanted as follows.
¢¡Stage Group¡§to organize enjoyable stage programs
¢¡Experience Group¡§to organize "experience int'l culture" programs
¢¡PR group¡§to take photos or shoot videos and edit the data
¢¡Concierge Group¡§to attend visitors
¢¡TalkStep¡§to help visitors communicate with people abroad on the Internet
¢¡Stamp Rally Group¡§to organize enjoyable Stamp Rally
¢¡MIFA Events Group¡§to organize the opening ceremony, MIFA display Corner, etc.

¡úModels / Dressers Wanted¡ª
¡¡Those who want to be on the stage in traditional clothes or kimono¡¢
¡¡and those who want to dress models are being wanted, too!

Meeting schedule

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