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The 7th MIFA International Exchange Festival

As many as 3500 people including 200 foreign residents visited the 7th MIFA International Exchange Festival. They enjoyed multicultural food, products, music, songs, and various other amusements. We thank them for coming.

This event was organized by MIFA with its 286 volunteers (414 volunteers-days).
We thank them for their earnest efforts to make this event successful.
1F Music and Dance
¢£Main Hall Stage¡ÊFeb.4)


Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Javanese Music & Dance

Samul nori

Samul nori

Kimono Show

Salsa Dance

1F Music and Dance
¢£Main Hall Stage¡ÊFeb.5)



Awa Dance

National Costume

Senegal Dance

Closing Ceremony

1F Display Booths
Stamp Rally¡¡ Talk Step MIFA drink
MIFA Activity Photo Exhibition MIFA Activity Photo Exhibition

1F Food & Products
American Food Embassy of Algeria¡Ë Algerian Food¡¡
Uzbekistan Food Egypt Food Embassy of Gabon
Embassy of Kyrgyzstan Embassy of Kyrgyzstan Embassy of Kenya
Djibouti Food Embassy of Sudan Embassy of Poland¡Ë
Eco Station Kameyaman'nendo sweets¡Ë

B1F Amusement of The World
Pencak Silat

B1F Introduction to World Culture
¢£Small Hall Foyer
Ikebana Ikebana Ikebana
How to Use Chopsticks Bangladesh Tohoku Earthquake Plan
Small Hall Foyer

B1F Introduction to World Culture
¢£Small Hall Foyer
Characters of the World Face Paint Balloon Art
Fair Trade Volunteer Banquet
Lego & Minicar Origami

B1F Introduction to World Culture
¢£Small Hall Foyer
Chorus Chorus
Pencak Silat Poet

B1F Introduction to World Culture
¢£1st Practice Room
Tea Ceremony

B1F Introduction to World Culture
¢£Rehearsal Room
Tea Culture of the World

B1F Introduction to World Culture
¢£2nd Practice Room
Bead curtain-old tale How to Draw Manga

B1F Introduction to World Culture
¢£3rd Practice Room
Calligraphy, Sumi-e Korean Games

Food of the World
¢£Meguro Kumin Campus Park
Srilankan Food Turkish Food Chinese Food
Japanese Food (Oden) Indonesian Food Srilankan Food

The 7th MIFA International Exchange Festival
Time February 4 (Sat.), 2012 11:30-17:00 
February 5 (Sun.), 2012 10:00-16:00 

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Place Meguro Kumin Campus Park 
Main Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall 
Small Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall 
Access Address: 1-1-1, Yakumo, Meguro-ku 
7min. Walk from Toritsudaigaku Station on Tokyu Toyoko Line
¢¨Please use public transportation to come to the venue on the days above as parking area is limited. 
Organized by Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA) 
Co-organized by Meguro City / Ecolife Meguro Promotion Association
Objective To realize Meguro-based friendship for international and Japanese residents 
Theme Let's work together "Into a New World with a Beaming Smile" 
We closed the list of the applicants on Jan. 16.
<Models for Try-on Kimono Wanted>
International Kimono fans are welcome to this program.
You could show yourself in kimono on the stage, and later take photos of yourself with other entrants.
Date/Time¡§ Feb.4(Sat.) Meet:10:00AM Show:15:30-16:00
Place¡§ Main Hall Stage of Meguro Persimmon Hall
(1-1-1, Yakumo, Meguro-ku; 7 min. walk from Toritsudaigaku Station on
Tokyo Toyoko Line)
Meet:  at the reception of Main Hall at 10:00AM
Eligibility¡§ to be a female international residents
Limit¡§ 17 persons (First-come-first served)
Fee¡§ 500yen
To apply¡§ Inform MIFA by Jan.12(Thurs.) 2012 via email or fax of your
1.Name, 2.Nationality, 3.Age group, 4.Height, 5.Telephone number(mobile),
and 6.Email address.
Inquire and apply to¡§  MIFA
TEL:03-3715-4671 FAX:03-3715-4672 Email¡§info@mifa.jp
What to bring on Feb.4¡§ 1. camisole and spats, 2.Tabi or White socks,
and 3. A pair of slippers or sandals without heels
¢¨Application will be closed when it reaches the limit.

1F Music and Dance¡¡¡Å¡Å¡Å¡¡A       1F Display Booths¡¡¡Å¡Å¡Å¡¡B
¢£Main Hall Stage (Click HERE for details.)
(Part of the Programs at Foyer)
Feb.4 (Sat.) "Let's Dance on the Stage!"
¡û11:20-11:40 Opening Ceremony (Foyer)
¡û12:40-13:10 Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai
High School Jazz Club¡¿Answer: because
there is a JAZZ
¡û13:20-13:50 Joyaux de coeur studio¡¿
Project Harmonie
¡û14:05-14:35 SUMILIR¡¿Javanese music
and dances
¡û14:50-15:20 Hanulsori¡¿Hanulsori Samlnori
¡û15:30-16:00 Original event by MIFA¡¿
Japanese national costume "Kimono" fashion
¡û16:00-16:30 Japan Salsa Association¡¿
Salsa (Foyer)
¡¡16:00-16:15 Salsa Lesson (Learn Basic Steps)
¡¡16:15-16:30 ¡¡Salsa Dance (Dance Salsa with
Steps You Have Learned)
¡û16:35-17:00 Japan Salsa Association¡¿Salsa

Feb.5 (Sun.) "Let's Enjoy Shows and Music!"
¡û11:50-12:20 Meiji high school mandolin club
OB ensemble¡¿Mandolin
¡û12:40-13:10 Jiyugaoka Gospel Choir¡¿Gospel
¡û13:20-13:50 Meguro UNESCO Association¡¿
¡û14:00-14:30 Meguro ginzaren¡¿Awa odori
Japanese Dance
¡û14:40-15:20 Original event by MIFA¡¿
Traditional costume fashion show
¡û15:20-16:00 Senegal Drums¡õTangana
Students¡¿sabar rhythm and dance
African dances that concludes the festival.

¡ùVaudeville Show that will come out of the blue
without notice!
Please look forward to it! ¡ù
¢£Main Hall Foyer (Click HERE for details.)
¡Ê¡ú¡ËStamp Rally Check Point
¡¦Free International Calls
¡¦TalkStep¡§Communicate with people
¡¦Stamp Rally Goal¡Ê¡ú¡Ë¡§Join and win
a prize!
¡¦MIFA Drink¡ÊCoffee¡Ë
¡¦MIFA Photo Exhibition¡Ê¡ú¡Ë
1F Food and Products¡¡¡Å¡Å¡Å¡¡B B1F Amusements of ¡Å¡Å¡Å C
the World
¢£Main Hall Foyer ¡ãFood¡ä
(Click HERE for Menu.)
­¡ Egyptian¡ÊKosheri, Chicken pie, Apple cakes, etc.¡Ë
­¢ American¡ÊHotdog, Burrito, tacos, etc.¡Ë
­£ Algerian¡ÊCouscous, etc.¡Ë
­¤ Uzbek¡ÊSamosa, Bread, Cookie, etc.¡Ë
­¥ Japanese¡ÊRice Dumpling, etc.¡Ë
­¦ Djiboutian (Samboussa, Cup cake, Wine)
¢£Main Hall Foyer ¡ãProducts¡ä
­« Algerian Embassy¡ÊSale of crafts¡Ë
­¬ Kenyan Embassy¡ÊSale of crafts¡Ë
­­ Polish Embassy¡ÊSale of crafts¡Ë
­® Sudanese Embassy¡ÊSale of crafts¡Ë
­¯ Kyrgyz Embassy
¡¡¡¡¡ÊDisplay photographs and crafts¡Ë
­± Gabonese Embassy
¡¡¡¡¡ÊDisplay photographs, Play DVDs¡Ë

¢£Small Hall Stage (Click HERE for details
¡ÈPencak Silat¡É
¡ÈRecitation of a Chinese poem¡É

¢£Small Hall
¡Ê¡ú¡ËStamp Rally Check Point
¡¦¡ÈWindmill Making¡É
¡¦¡ÈRag Weaving¡É
¡¦¡ÈFace Painting¡É
¡¦¡ÈLego & Mini cars¡É
¡¦¡ÈFair Trade¡É¡Ê¡ú¡Ë
¡¦¡ÈLearn How to Write Characters of Languages¡É
12:30¡Á13:30 Arabic, Mongolian, Lao
13:30¡Á14:00 Introduction to Egyptian Culture
14:00¡Á15:00 Arabic, Hangul, Lao, Thai
10:30¡Á11:30 Arabic
11:30¡Á12:00 Introduction to Egyptian Culture
12:00¡Á13:00 Arabic, Khmer
13:00¡Á13:45 Arabic, Hangul
13:45¡Á14:15 Introduction to Egyptian Culture
14:15¡Á15:30 Arabic, Amharic, Khmer
Food of the World ¡¡ ¡Å¡Å¡Å¡¡E B1F Introduction of ¡Å¡Å¡Å¡¡D
World Culture¡¡
¢£Meguro Kumin Campus Park ¡ãFood¡ä
(Click HERE for Menu.)
¡¦Chinese¡ÊFried Spring Roll, Steamed Bun with Pork & shrimp¡Ë
¡¦Indonesian¡ÊSatay, etc.¡Ë
¡¦Turkish¡ÊDoner Kebab¡Ë
¡¦Sri Lankan¡ÊNaan¡õCurry¡Ë
¡¦Thai¡ÊTomyamkung, Pad thai¡Ë
¡¦Japanese (Oden with various fillings)

¢£Main Hall Foyer
(Click Here for Details.)
1F Display Booths ¡Å¡Å¡Å¡Å¡Å¡Å¡Å¡Å¡Å¡Å B
¡¦Free International Calls
¡¦TalkStep¡§Communicate with people overseas!
¡¦Stamp Rally Goal¡Ê¡ú¡Ë¡§Join and win a prize!
¡¦MIFA Drink¡ÊCoffee¡Ë
¡¦MIFA Photo Exhibition¡Ê¡ú¡Ë¡§

¢£Small Hall Foyer (Click HERE for details
¡Ê¡ú¡ËStamp Rally Check Point
­¥¡ÈIntroduction to Bangladeshi Culture¡É
­¦¡ÈEast Japan Disaster Program¡É¡Ê¡ú¡Ë
­¨¡ÈHow to use Chopsticks¡É
¢£1st Practice Room
¡ÈJapanese Tea Ceremony¡É
2/4¡ÊSat.¡Ë12:00¡Á17:00¡¡Omote Senke School
2/5¡ÊSun.¡Ë10:30¡Á16:00¡¡Ura Senke School
¢¨Application will be closed when 150 tickets
are sold out.
¢£Rehearsal Room
¡ÈTea Culture of the World¡É
10:40¡Á11:40 Iran
12:00¡Á13:00 U.K.
13:20¡Á14:20 Vietnam
14:40¡Á15:40 India
¢£2nd Practice Room
¡ÈFolklores and Nankintamasudare¡É
¡ÈCartoons / Can Badge Making¡É¡Êfee:\100¡Ë
¢£3rd Practice Room
¡ÈCalligraphy / Sumie¡É
¡ÈKorean Amusement¡É
¡¦Programs are subject to change due to unforseen circumstances.
¡¦Bringing your pet into the venues is prohibited.
¡¦Shooting videos at the venues is prohibited.
¡¦Please bring utensils to the Eco-station.
 Organized by MIFA International Exchange Festival Planning and Operating Committee agenda items of which are prepared by Core Group

Int'l Presenters Wanted¡ª

PRESENTERS are wanted

International presenters who could kindly introduce culture of where
they are from through amusements, games, vaudeville, magics,
craft making, tea culture, etc. are being wanted!

<MIFA Drink Presenters>
International MIFA drink presenters who could kindly join Japanese
volunteers to brew coffee / tea and sell it to visitors are being wanted.

<Skype communicators>
International presenters who could introduce your friends overseas
to visitors using Skype are wanted.

Please contact MIFA if you are interested in any of the above announcement.

Volunteers Wanted¡ª
The 7th MIFA International Exchange Festival   Volunteers Wanted!
Now the festival is organized by the MIFA Festival Committee that meet twice a month on Saturdays. On September onward, groups and teams in the committee start to organize programs for the event.If you are interested in being involved in it, please fill in the answer sheet belowand send it back to MIFA.
Your name¡§Your preferred type of Volunteer¡§Committee Member¡¿Support Staff
¢¨Choose one out of the options.¡¡¢¨Note 1¡¡
Group preferred¡§
1st preference ¡Ê¡¡¡¡¡Ëgroup / (      ) team                      
2nd preference ¡Ê¡¡¡¡¡Ëgroup / (      ) team                      
3rd preference ¡Ê¡¡¡¡¡Ëgroup / (      ) team   ¢¨Note 2 

Note 1¡¡Type of volunteers
¡¦Committee member¡§volunteer who could attend committee meetings on Saturdays.
¡¦Support volunteer¡§volunteer who could join prior meetings and join activities during the festival

Note 2¡¡Please see here for the details of groups and teams ¢ª"Activities"

 Groups Teams  Catch copies 
 £±¡¥Concierge  Reception  Your instruction would make a guest smile.
   Guide  Use your fluent languages to guide international visitors around the venue.
 £²¡¥Booths  Food Booth  Those who like food are welcome here.
   Products  Rare and valuable goods will gather here.
   Eco-station  Those who are eco-conscious or interested in recycling are welcome here. 
  £³¡¥Advertisement  Camera  Those who like taking photos are welcome here¡ª
   Video  Those who like shooting video are welcome here!
   PR  Those who are aware of media (domestic/international) are welcome here.
   Recruiting Volunteers  Team¡§Let's recruit new volunteers!
 £´¡¥Stage  Stage Team  Those who are interested in creating performance arts are welcome here.
   MC  Why not become a MC at the Main Hall occupying 140
   Kimono  Those who could dress international residents in kimono are welcome here.
 Traditional Clothes  Those who are interested in traditional clothes or in dressing models in such clothes are welcome here.
  £µ¡¥Experience  Amusement for Children  How could "rock-paper-scissors" be done overseas?
   Introduction to Different Cultures:  Tea Ceremony¡§Those who are trained in Tea Ceremony are welcome here!
     Ikebana¡§Those who are trained in Ikebana are welcome here.
     Tea Culture¡§Do we drink black tea or green tea overseas?
     Characters of Languages¡§Shall we learn how to write our names in Arabic?
   Otherwise, those who are skillful in origami or calligraphy would be welcome!
 6. MIFA Programs  Opening Ceremony  Embassy staff will attend this program.
   Party for Volunteers  Those who are interested in organizing a party are welcome here.
   MIFA Display  Those who are interested in MIFA activities are welcome here.
   Enjoytime  Those who like to organize a dance session are welcome here.
   MIFA Drink  Let's make authentic coffee/tea/other ethnic beverages¡ª
   TalkStep  Those who would like to communicate using skyp are welcome here.
   Stamp Rally Team  Those who are interested in Stamp Rally are welcome here.

Festival Commitee Meeting
Annual Schedule ¢ª¡¡7th Festival Click Here

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