The 3rd MIFA International Exchange Festival
°Ĺ Let's do it together !°Ĺ

Thank you for joining the 3rd MIFA International Exchange Festival !
About 2,500 people came during two days.
Time: February 9 (Sat.), 10 (Sun.) 2008
Place: Small Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall
(7 min. walk from Toritsudaigaku Station on Tokyu Toyoko Line)
Photo Gallery of the 3rd MIFA International Exchange Festival

Playing with Kids
in Gymnasium

Playing with Kids
in Gymnasium

Drum Circle

Drum Circle

Foyer in Small Hall

Booth in Gumnasium

Booth in Gymnasium

Booth in Gymnasium

Gamelan Experience


Stamp Rally

Reception in Park

Let's sing together

Gamelan Performance

Opening Ceremony

Try-on Traditional Clothes

Drawing pictures


Booths in Small Hall

Food Booths in Small Hall(1)


Try-on Kimono

Get familiar with letters

Screen in Small Hall

Food Booths in Park


Tea Culture and Language

Stamp Rally

Food Booths in Small Hall(2)

Double Dutch

MIFA Festival
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*Taste world cuisines!
*Exchange in varous languages!

Please click here to download MIFA Festival program.
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I have become a member of the committee because I want to get involved in planning.
As I become friends with other members, the meeting is like discussing agendas with my old friends.
The enjoyable process through which a festival is created is the cream of our activities.
Let's plan various programs together! Volunteers visited Thai festival on May 12.
On May 12, the volunteers visited Thai Festival and talked while enjoying delicious Thai food.° C.I°ň

Voice of Committee Members
A Japanese Member:
It°«s always easy to draw a line between °∆us°« and °∆them°«. And at the same time, it°«s always easy to assume that people draw a line between °∆us°« and °∆themselves°«.
What is an International Festival? Is it just another °»It°«s a small world after all°…, creating and reinforcing the ethnic stereotypes we have been contaminated with, to conclude that the misunderstandings and cultural clashes are °∆unavoidable°«? Or is it just another °»help the poor countries°… or °»help the helpless(!) gaijin°… project?
MIFA wants a festival for everyone, regardless of age, nationality or Japanese proficiency. Why not help us direct where we want to get to?

I have lived abroad for quite a while during my life - 2 years in Hawaii and 6 years in the UK. I returned to Japan for my university education, and I have been looking for a community service where I can contribute to a better understanding between the Japanese and those from different backgrounds, improving lives of both foreign residents and Japanese citizens in the community. MIFA was a very friendly and very enthusiastic group. Most people were residents of Meguro-ku, and had different life experiences. Most of the Japanese volunteers speak good English or another foreign language, and have experience living abroad.

I have been in charge of °»Try on national costumes of the world°… programme for the past two festivals. National costumes proved to be attractive and very easily approachable subject for many people. We thought that appreciating the beauty of the costumes may provide as a bridge to understanding and appreciating other cultures, as well as an opportunity for people to get to know each other or their backgrounds. We made an effort, especially in the 2nd festival, so that the people who try on the costume would get to know a bit more about the country where the costumes were from, and that they get an opportunity to talk to each other.
There are also other types of programmes that have been on, or that are in perspective. What programmes we offer at the festival are re-planned every year, and we are enthusiastic for what have not been proposed yet.

MIFA festival is still on its way to improve, and most decisions are made through the MIFA International Festival volunteers°« committee. Do join us (or visit us), and have your say in the community°«s big festival!

A Korean Member:
Hello! I am a Korean residing in Japan and volunteer for launching MIFA°«s Int°«l Exchange Festival.

My reason for joining MIFA is because I was thinking of ways to promote cultural exchange between Japanese and non-Japanese people in Tokyo, and MIFA was doing exactly that.

The Int°«l Exchange Festival is held once a year. The planning staff (which is what I do) meet twice a month on Saturday mornings to discuss and design the festival for promoting int°«l exchange in a fun and effective way. Though I am still a new member (since Nov. 2006), other members and the atmosphere of the meetings are very welcoming, and staff members listen intently to opinions of each other, including that of newcomers. People especially welcome me for bringing non-Japanese insights to the discussion, which makes it fun for me to participate. And although I have to miss some of the meetings for other obligations, MIFA members are very understanding and flexible about what each member are capable of providing.

The fun things about being involved with MIFA are the great people you meet, and the people you see at the festival enjoying and intently learning and communicating about each others°« cultures and ideas. As for MIFA volunteers, the members are mainly Japanese and of all ages and backgrounds. All members are interested in getting to know non-Japanese people and to promote multicultural exchange. This makes the planning and launching of this event fun, and non-Japanese members are always welcome to participate.

As for the festival, approximately 1,500 people participated in the event. Seeing both Japanese and non-Japanese people communicating and enjoying themselves with the cross-cultural learning experience offered through the festival makes the effort and time you put into it truly worthwhile.

The next festival would be the third of its kind held in Meguro. Please join us to make the next event an even more fun and engaging experience!

°ŁVoices of international students who attended the MIFA Friendship Party
°¶These kinds of festival is required especially for foreign nationals to get to know each other.
°¶It was very nice to meet MIFA members and find out more about their activities. It would be interesting to join their activities.
°¶It was very nice, meeting a lot of people and getting to know about the next Int°«l festival.

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