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Project to Promote Friendship-city Exchange
Exchange with Chong Wen District, Beijing, China

In 1984, cultural exchange between Meguro City and Chong Wen District started
when then Mayor of Meguro City visited Beijing joining as a participant of a visit to China by officials of local government in Tokyo Metropolis. Since then, both cities have been exchanging information and ideas.
Beginning with exhibitions of pictures and calligraphy written and drawn by elementary and junior-high school students
in City, there have been more than ten visits of people between Meguro City and Chong Wen District.
£Ïn October 26, 1991 both cities formally signed an agreement strengthening
the mutual cooperation between the two cities.

2002 Home£ótay at Family Living in Chong Wen District

Under a theme of "Let's experience a homestay with a Chinese family!" ,
this was the second time that Meguro City residents visited Chong Wen District.
This time, four residents living in Meguro City joined the program.
All of them were eager to make friends with Chinese people by being involved in their daily life.
They struggled to communicate and blend into their homestay families.
A booklet which complied their three-day homestay experiences with the Chinese families
is on file at MIFA.

At MIFA, residents from both cities have reciprocally met together every year since 1993.
In 1995 and 1997, residents of Meguro City visited Chong Wen District
to discuss sound nurturing of young people and to learn more about oriental medicine.

In 1999, Meguro residents again visited Chong Wen District
for the purpose of having an exchange under the theme of calligraphy.

In 1996, a professional acupuncture practitioner visited Meguro City
to help promote oriental medicine.

In 1998, MIFA welcomed a cultural exchange group of tai chi (Chinese exercise)
from Chong Wen District.
They taught classes of tai chi in a gym in Meguro City.
They also were glad to meet Meguro residents who enjoyed tai chi .
In 2001, Meguro City and Chong Wen District cosponsored a celebration
in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Friendship City Agreement.

It is no doubt that these cultural exchanges have helped the growth
of £æ£òiendship between Japan and China.
MIFA is going to continue to provide residents in Meguro City with more chances to get
involved with people from other countries

Visit to Chong Wen District, Beijing(1) Visit to Chong Wen District, Beijing(2)

Inviting the Cultural Exchange Group from Chong Wen District to Meguro City in 2003

A group of people came on a Cultural Exchange trip to Meguro City from Nov.6(Tue.) to 9(Fri.) 2003.
The group consisted of a leader with three Calligraphers and four dancers.
There were Culture Exchange programs of Calligraphy and dancing at Nakameguro Jyuku-Center on Nov. 6(Tue.)
and also at Midodrigaoka Culture Hall on Nov. 7(Wed).
A famous Chinese Calligrapher and a painter demonstrated and explained their art.
Also Meguro residents, who love Calligraphy demonstrated and explained Kana writing.
Through this exchange, they deepened their understanding of other cultures.
At a social dance, dancers from Chong Wen District demonstrated dancing, and then
enjoyed dancing together with Meguro residents.
In this project, the strong desire and the free exchange of ideas made the best use of
Meguro residents abilities in the planning and management.

Also, at MIFA on Nov.11(Tue.) volunteers demonstrated flower-arrangement and tea-ceremony,
which gave visitors a very good chance to experience Japanese culture.

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