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International Students visit Japanese Families of MIFA.
Results in 2015:
*Home Visit (2)
held on November 28 (Sat), 2015 13:00-17:00
22 international students visited 9 Japanese families.
<Voice of participants>
- I found it to be extremely enjoyable and educational. It was great fun meeting Mr. and Mrs. xxxx and being invited to their homes.
- Very satisfied Thank you very much for holding such a warm activity for us. I really enjoy the activity very much.
- My host family was very generous and provided us with lots of food. We took a few pictures. Overall, it was a very fun experience ?
it felt like I was visiting my grandparents back home. It was a very homely experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it

*Home Visit (1)
held on May 23 (Sat), 2015 13:00-17:00
13 international students visited 10 Japanese families.
<Voice of participants>
-It was an excellent opportunity to know each other cultures by talking in an informal environment about our lifestyles in our own countries.
-The activity was extremely entertaining and enriching. It facilitated easy exchange of information about Indian and Japanese cultures. I personally liked the activity as it allowed an experience of the Japanese lifestyle that would now have been possible in any other way. 
-I hope to meet my host family again! Thank you MIFA for providing us this opportunity for international cultural exchange.
-The activity felt very natural in the way it was organized. Any more effort make the organization better would not help as this kind of activity is best experienced in the natural state.

Results in 2014:
*Home Visit (2)
held on November 29 (Sat), 2014 13:00-17:0022 international students visited 9 Japanese families.
<Voice of participants>
-I think one of the best activity I ever seen in japan and I said to my friend that they live and study in another country like USA, south Korea and...and I described this activity to them and they like it so much and they said we never had such activity in my host country and they like this activity. -This is a meaningful activity which helps foreign students understand and learn about Japanese custom, culture and language.-Eating a lot of food and keep chatting for 4 hours. We talked about a lot of difference in culture between Japan, Taiwan and Brazil.-The best one is that we made an appointment to go out from now such as going to onsen, celebrating for new year party. My host family is very kind to us like their children. I love them so much. Thanks for introduce me with them.

* Home Visit of Cambodian JournalistOn August 10, 2014,a Cambodian Journalist visited a MIFA Japanese host family.The visit was requested by International Hospitality and Conference Service Association (IHCSA).

*Home Visit (1)
June 21 (Sat), 2014
No. of students that participated: 13 (China, Thai, Indonesia, Iran, Vietnam, Georgia)
No. of host families: 10
<Voice of participants>
-I highly appreciate this program. It brought me great opportunity to get familiar with Japanese living style and housing arrangement.
-I had a very good time during the home visit and I will gladly participate again on the same or similar event.
-The activity was very good. It could provide the good experience for me. I could learn some of Japanese experience and culture. Moreover, I could make good friendship with Japanese people.
- We have a chat about our country, culture, Japan life, our study. We played Japanese traditional toy (Kendama), badminton, tea ceremony, and eat Japanese sweets. I was even allowed to do my pray (Moslem praying) in their room. They are very nice and kind!
- We have exchanged our traditions. The family prepared traditional tea and mochi (rice cake). They have introduced their friends as well.

Results in 2013:
* Home Visit (2)
held on November 30 (Sat), 2013
<Voice of participants>
12 international students from 7 different countries visited a Japanese house and had a pleasant afternoon with their host family.
- The home visit was one of the most fantastic time I ever spent in Japan, the family that I was so lucky to visit is more than just amazing. Its already one year passed since I arrived to Japan, I couldn't go back to my country to visit my parents, this experience really something that exactly I needed.
- I am really appreciated and happy joining this activity. Both foreign friend and host family are so kind and we are very matched. Our host family is super kind. We made a lot of conversation. I didn't really want to go back and I felt like they are my real family although we just met.
- My family is so nice, welcome and experienced in kind of homestay/visit thing. I should recommend them for other participants. It was easy for us to connect with them. I hope they feel the same with me.

Home Visit (1)
June 29 (Sat), 2013
No. of students that participated: 15 (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thai, Indonesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Egypt, Swiss).
No. of host families: 12
<Voice of participants>
- This was my first home visit programme to a Japanese family. This home visit programme benefited me a lot. I enjoyed it very much and I appreciate MIFA for organizing such memorable event for the international students who are coming from different countries.
- Very good day, I had fun meeting my family, we had supper and it was delicious, thank you for organizing it
- We shared our own experience with each other. I showed some pictures of my country and describe some important and beautiful places in my country. We talked about some traditions in Japan and our experience in Japan after visit Japan.

Results in 2012:
Home visit (2)
held on October 27 (Sat), 2012
No. of students participated: 14 (7 countries: China, Thai, Tunisia, Singapore, Turky, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, 3 universities: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Univ. of Tokyo, Komazawa Univ.)
No. of host families: 6
<Voice of participants>
-We talked at their house, we enjoyed talking to the point and we forgot the time limit. We liked every thing they gave us and we appreciate their kindness. For me, it is the first time I see a real Japanese house. I am impressed.
-Visiting a Japanese family in their home was very exciting for me. We talked about japanese traditions and culture.
-Japan has unique culture for his own traditions and customs. This activity is a big chance for us to explore some Japanese traditional style.
-I think MIFA is great and this home visit benefit me a lot. Thank you very much!

Home Visit (1)
June 23 (Sat), 2012
No. of students that participated: 15 (China, South Korea, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Tunisia, Germany, Finland).
No. of host families: 7
<Voice of participants>
-It was the best home visit I ever had in Japan. The house was pretty and well decorated, which showed me the aspect of the life of Japanese people that I cannot usually observe. More importantly, the hosts were very nice and lead us to a quite meaningful talk about the relationship between Japan and my country, which definitely reinforce the mutual understanding between us.
-That was great, I experienced the real Japanese family, and also it gave me an chance to practice Japanese.
-I had great fun in my host family's house. Both of their children waited at home for us. We talked about really a lot of interesting topics, covering both Japan and our countries, while having great tea and desserts.
-It was a great opportunity to experience Japanese daily life. It was my first visit to Japanese house, and I really enjoyed it.
-I really enjoyed my first meeting. It was my first time I meet with a Japanese family. They were very nice and open minded.

Results in 2011:
May 21 (Sat), 2011
No. of students that participated: 9 (China, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Kazakhstan, US).
No. of host families: 5
   Voice of participants:
  • The program provides another chances for the international student to be familiar with Japanese communacation. Among the Family and the student, we can share our experiences in everything that we're interested. Also, I have met new international friend which broaden out my lifestyle in Japan.
  • It was very nice to have a conversation with Japanese family who interests in my home country. We shared many ideas and I learned how Japanese people think about both my country and Japan. They were very nice and welcome. However I hope that we could do other interesting activities apart from talking.

Results in 2010:
July 24 (Sat), 2010
No. of students that participated: 12 (China, South Korea, Iran, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Colombia, Mexico).
No. of host families: 12
Self Introduction With host Family With host Family

Results in 2009:
June 20 (Sat), 2009
  • No. of students that participated: 9 (China, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Syria)
  • No. of host families: 9
March 02 (Mon), 2009
  • A member of the Czech parliament and his spouse visited a Japanese family
Results in 2008:
June 21 (Sat), 2008
  • No. of students that participated: 21 (16 countries: S. Korea, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malyasia, Iran, Thailand, Turkey, England, Malawi, Madagaskar, US, Colombia, Mexico, Brasil)
  • No. of host families: 15
November 22 (Sat), 2008
  • No. of students participated: 13(5 countries: S. Korea, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran)
  • No. of host families: 7

Results in previous years:
June 20 (Thu), 2002
  • Fifteen students from Thailand, China, Indonesia, Spain, Brazil, Lithuania, and Mexico participated.
  • Six families hosted students.

November 30 (Sat), 2002
  • Ten students from Thailand, China, Brazil, England and Myanmar participated this time.
  • Five families hosted these students.

May 31 (Sat), 2003
  • Three students from Korea, China and Indonesia were involved in the home-visit.
  • Three host families participated.

  • It was a great experience because it was the first time for me to be invited by a Japanese family
  • It was really interesting to see a Japanese house and daily life.
  • I began to like Japanese culture even more.
  • Thank you very much for arranging a short home stay for us. We were delighted to have a interesting evening with them and learn the Japanese culture.

  • I enjoyed talking with foreign students and getting to know other nationalities.
  • I could listen to foreigners' ideas and find out what they think about various things.
  • Though I am not good at English, this program gives me a good chance to listen to foreigners' opinions.
  • I felt as if I had another child in my house.
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