Japanese Cooking°° ( Sep 13, 2007)


California roll Eggplant salad with vinegar dressing Cooked vegetables of dried white radish strips and thick fried tofu Rice-flour dumplings with sweetened azuki beans

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°»Japanese Cooking Class for Foreign Residents°…

°°Nineteen foreign residents from thirteen countries participated in Japanese Cooking Class on Sept.13, Thursday. This class was very popular among foreign residents. It was fully booked soon after the news was released, and many late comers were waiting for a cancellation. This shows that foreign residents have a strong interest in Japanese cooking.

°°Every participant listened eagerly to English instruction by cooking volunteers, took a good note, and asked many questions about ingredients and others. Some took pictures of the labels of Mirin (sweet sake) or Su (vinegar), and some took home empty bags of ingredients. °»There are several types of Goma (sesame). We use white sesame called Irigoma. These are unground.°… It seems quite difficult for foreign residents to find right ingredients in a supermarket.

Comments on cooking and tasting are as follows;
* It was very difficult to roll °»California roll°… while preventing filling from swelling out of rice. However, many participants liked its taste and wanted to cook it again at home.
* Most participants saw Kiriboshi-daikon (dried white radish strips) for the first time but they found that °»cooked vegetables of dried white radish strips and thick fried tofu°… was easy to cook and tasty. They said, °»I can cook it by myself°….

°°The class was full of lively atmosphere although most participants met each other for the first time. Some exchanged telephone numbers and others promised to meet again saying °»Let°«s get together again and cook dishes that we made today!°…