°ķ°ķ°°Reports of °»Let's learn Bollywood Dancing!°ķ°ķ
- Lecture and Dance Session on Indian Film Dancing ?
* Bollywood is the term used for Indian film industry in a parody of Hollywood.

Lecture and dance sessions of Bollywood dance were held on October 23 (Sat.) and 30 (Sat.) at MIFA.
It was first time for MIFA to organize such kind of dance event, and the place where we have Japanese Conversation Salon and Ikebana lesson changed into a tentative dance studio!
Participants for the first session: 19 persons including 5 foreign residents
Participants for the second session: 15 persons including 4 foreign residents
Countries where the foreign participants from: Egypt, Columbia, Thailand, Philippines, and Peru

First session

At the beginning, the participants listened to the lecture about Bollywood dance as one of Indian culture.
°»Bollywood dance°…is essential for Indian movies, and this dance is a mix of traditional dances and western steps. They say that in India everyone regardless of age get acquainted with nature.
Lecturer is Ms. Priya from India. First, she showed to the participants a full dance as an example.
Let°«s dance! And let°«s learn by watching lecturer°«s example!
It°«s important to keep rhythm and leave the body to the beat.
Participants listened carefully to explanation of the lecturer, and continue practicing eagerly. During the first session the participants could memorize how to dance to the tune "Dil Dooba" by Sonu Nigam.

Second session
In spite of bad weather influenced by a typhoon, the participants gathered at MIFA again.
They brought back to memory how to dance as previous session and reviewed.
This time the lecturer requested, °»rich expression°…, °»smooth movement°… and °»exaggerated face expression°… to the dance of the participants.

At last they tried dancing to the other songs using similar steps as they learned.
The lecturer recognized their effort and achievement. °»Finally, all of you can present Bollywood dance in anywhere like on the stage of Indian festival in Tokyo!°…
Participants were given Indian gifts from the lecturer. They were happy to receive cute and little ornaments like elephant, peacock, etc. and henna tattoo stickers. They really enjoyed dancing together and this healthy sports event was very successful.

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