”ś”ś””Report on Englishman in NIPPON! Part 2 -Using social media tools to connect with the world”ś”ś

The lecture held in the afternoon on January 22th 2011 at MIFA

Part 1 of Joseph Tame's talk about life in Japan, given in early 2010 (Report is HERE), was very well received, and so he returned this year to continue his talk. 36 people (including 3 non-Japanese) attended.
Joseph made a dramatic entrance, running into the room dressed in marathon gear! His talk was very lively, ensuring a lot of smiles and laughter from the audience.
Included in his presentation was a video of him being interviewed on Japanese TV about his love for the Internet and mobile technology. Joseph explained what he does as an online media producer, and also shared some of his experience of working in a Japanese company.
The talk was used as an opportunity for Joseph to debut his new live-broadcast machine, the 'iRun', which he will use to share the experience of running the full Tokyo Marathon with the world. Kitted out with 4 iPhones, an iPad, an Android handset, a heart monitor and mini-weather sensor, Joseph will share as much of the experience as possible via the Internet during the challenge on Feb 27th 2011.
Following the talk participants had an opportunity to ask Joseph further questions whilst enjoying team and traditional English biscuits

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