Report on Introducing Polish Culture Cooking and talking session

The lecture introducing Polish culture was held on Saturday, September 21th, 2013 at Meguro Citizens center.
This event was conducted under the joint auspices of Polish Embassy, Meguro City and MIFA.
The lecturer was Ms. Dominika Jakimowicz from Polish Embassy. She gave us a presentation on Polish food culture: its history, cuisine in their daily life and for special days like Christmas and Easter. In this presentation, she introduced to the dishes which we cooked at the session.

24 participants including 5 non-Japanese residents cooked 4 Polish dishes:
Soup: Tomato soup with rice.
Side dish: MIZERIA (Cucumber in sour cream.)
Side dish: Polish potato mash(with plenty of butter)
Main dish: ZRAZY(meat roulade dish)

The instructor selected poplar Polish dishes which are easy to cook, though Polish cuisine usually takes a lot of time. Some polish stewed cooking needs more than a week to cook, she said.

Recipes are available on our cooking page: Introducing Polish Culture (Sept 21, 2013) Recipe

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