Report on Explore the fascination for Egypt

The lecture introducing Egypt was held on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 at MIFA.

There were 54 people participated. As soon as the event was announced, it quicklyreached full capacity. From this we recognized that many people in MeguroCity have a strong interest in Egypt.

The lecturer was Mr. Ashraf El Samman. He is an employee of a travel agencyin Cairo, and temporarily stays in Tokyo for studying Japanese. He has a lot of experience with Japanese tourists traveling to Egypt. He gave us a lecture on Egyptian history, such as pyramids, the Rosettastone, papyrus, and also basic information for sightseeing such as weather, food, language, hotels etc. He also introduced suggested itineraries and simple phrases to use during trips. Some participants took notes intently.His lecture made us dream, we want to fly to Egypt immediately!

(*) Distributed documents and a DVD were kindly offered by Embassy of Egypt.

We had tea time with Egyptian dates. Dates are a popular dried fruit in Egypt, the dates which Mr. Samman brought from Egypt were seedless and filled with almonds. A participant said, its delicious. It tastes like AMANATTO, which is atraditional Japanese confectionery made of beans. Another asked, can we buy the same things in Japan?  but unfortunately theyaren't available. Participants loved them so much.

How to write Japanese names in the Arabic alphabet?
The lecturer wrote all the participants names in Arabic as presents.

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