Report on Englishman in NIPPON-using the internet to create a life in Japan

The lecture held in the afternoon on January 30th 2010 at MIFA. 43 people participated.

The lecturer was Mr. Tame from the West of England. He gave us
a lecture on the internationalization of London and other cities, immigration, multicultural society, how English mass media portrays Japan, his impressions of Japan, how he feels in his daily life as a foreigner, a gaijin in Tokyo, etc. whilst referring to many real-life experiences.
I use the internet a lot to make my life in Japan more convenient

Joseph showed us how he uses blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Podcasts to exchange information with foreign friends in Japan. These communication tools have helped him find jobs and get answers and advice whenever he's had a problem.

Demonstration of using Twitter
His lecture was very well received by participants.
Tea time with English biscuits.
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