Report on Introducing Mexican Culture Cooking and talking session

The lecture introducing Mexican culture was held on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 at Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan.

This is the second cooking and talking session in FY 2010, after Korean culture in April.

The lecturer was Mr Garcia from Mexico

27 people including volunteer staff participated.

The participants were divided into 5 groups and cooked at different tables.

They made salad with saboten (cactus) and avocado which are popular ingredients with Mexican cuisine, home made style pork stew, and ice cream.

The salad was made with lettuce, parsley, tomato, canned saboten and green chili.Mexican people eat salad simply with salt and lemon juice, but if desired you can add olive oil, soy sauce, pepper or parmesan cheese.

Saboten is a popular Mexican plant and is sold fresh in any market. This time we used canned saboten pickled in vinegar and salt.

The main dish was COCHINITA PIBIL pork stew. Its color is red as we added ACHIOTE Mexican original spice.

We put vinegar, lemon juice and orange juice in the stew, so it tasted sour. Mr Garcia visited each table to see how it tasted.

< Pureeing avocado to make ice cream.

Mexicans often eat avocado. They even use it for facial masks!

Agave Syrup which was put into the ice cream is a Mexican natural sweeter made from the same raw material as tequila. It is gaining attention in Japan as being healthy.

We ate COCHINITA PIBIL with rice and also tortillas. We put meat and finely-chopped purple onions on a tortilla and wrapped them to eat.

A tortilla for Mexicans is just same as rice for Japanese. Mexicans eat tortillas as principal food three meals a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.There are two types of tortillas, one is made with corn, and the other is made with flour.

Corn tortillas are the most popular in Mexico. Mr Garcia said, Corn is just like rice in Japan. We eat corn as principal food, we make alcoholic beverages from corn, we make sweets from corn.

After cooking and eating, the lecture focused on Family and dining habits in Mexico.

Mr Garcia also provided unknown facts about Mexico, for example, did you know that Hard taco shells exist only in U.S.A. Mexicans never eat tacos like this. They always eat soft tortillas.and Chihuahua dogs came from Chihuahua state in Mexico.

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