Report on Introducing Thai Culture

"Introducing Thai Culture" was held on Sunday, October 4, 2009 at Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan.
The theme of this event was "Food", and the lecturer was Ms. Anchalee from the north of Thailand.
We cooked Thai red curry and a tapioca & coconut milk dessert, and then we listened to a
lecture about Thai food culture.

20 people participated. They were
divided in four tables and cooked.
Red curry includes beef, green pepper,
bamboo shoots and egg apple seasoning
with curry paste, coconut milk etc.
Plenty of sugar was added to the
The lecturer let us know how to eat
curry in Thailand. "We use a spoon
and fork like this."
The participants listened to the
lecture while eating. They heard about
the various dishes in each district of
Thailand, varieties of Thai curry and
Thai rice, the real Thai rice (which has
a lovely scent and is delicious,
recommended Thai restaurants in
Tokyo, etc.
" Do you think that Thai characters
are difficult? No, they are easier than
Japanese! Let's practice them!
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