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"Walk around Meguro is an activity to encourage international residents to walk around Meguro with volunteers and enjoy friendship.
This is an activity to achieve friendship to connect international residents who want to visit facilities and learn culture, geography, history, nature of Meguro City with volunteers who want to offer to meet their needs.

Volunteers for "Walk around Meguro" Wanted!
 Volunteers for Walk around Meguro programs meet every once in a while to discuss what kinds of programs would be informative and enjoyable for participants.
We look forward to your ideas which will support organize good exchange programs in the future. Your attendance would be highly appreciated
. If you are interested, please inform MIFA by email.

Visit Traditional Japanese House and Enjoy Tea Ceremony
★Basking in the sun, participants learned traditional Japanese architecture and enjoyed tea ceremony while cherishing autumnal colors.
Time:Dec.3 (Sun.) 9:30-12:00
Place:Former Asakura Residence(29-20, Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku)
Meet:at the gate of Daikanyama Station on Tokyu Toyoko Line at 9:30AM
Content:1) Visit Former Asakura Residence
2) Enjoy Tea Ceremony and autumnal colors at its garden
Interpretation: available in English
Participants:20 in total Bangladesh*1 China*4 Greece*1 Indonesia*1 Japan*11 Malaysia*1 Thailand*1

Enjoy Traditional Japanese Culture at Sugekari Park
★Paticipants enjoyed a view of Mt. Fuji from the top of Saigoyama Par.
Then they enjoyed autumnal colors of Sugekari Park, and experienced Tea
Time:Nov.25 (Sat.) 9:30-12:30AM
Place:Traditional Japanese House at Komaba Park(2-11-25, Aobadai,
Content:Visit Saigoyama Park and Sugekari Park
Enjoy Tea Ceremony and Origami at Traditional Japanese House
Interpretation:available in English
Participants: 20 in total China*2 France*2 Japan*14 Thailand*1 USA*1

"Let’s Visit Temples Rich in History and Enjoy Cherry Blossoms"
★Participants enjoyed cherry flowers of varieties including "Yoko,"although "Someiyoshino" breed has not yet bloomed, a lecture by a priestof Yutenji temple, two other different temples afterwards, whichdeepened their knowledge about local history , geography as well as Buddhism.
Time: March 25 (Sat.) 9:30-12:30
・Visit Yutenji Temple and listen to lecture by priest
・Visit Shokakuji Temple
・Walk along Meguro River while enjoying cherry blossoms
・Visit Daienji Temple
・Lunch ※upon request
Participants: 27 (Brazil*1 China*1 France*1 Germany*2 Japan*13 Kazakhstan*4 Philippines*2 Spain*1 Thailand*1 Taiwan*1)

"Visit Sugekari Park&Enjoy Tea Ceremony" ★We basked in the sun and enjoyed walking through Saigoyama and Sugekari Park, cherishing various beautiful flowers. Then we enjoyed the game of GO, origami, and tea ceremony in a tradtiona Japanese-style house. 
Time June 11(Sat.)9:30-12:30AM  
Place Traditional Japanese House at Komaba Park(2-11-25, Aobadai, Meguro-ku)
Content  Visit Saigoyama Park and Sugekari Park Enjoy Tea Ceremony / Origami / Game of GO at Traditional Japanese House
Interpretation:available in English
Participants: 20 Non-Japanese: 3 (Bangladesh*1 Germany*1 UK*1)

Sakura Walk in Meguro  ★We enjoyed cherry blossms at Komabano Park and University of TokyoKomaba Campus. We also deepened our knowledge about Japanesehistory.
Time: Mar.26 (Sat.) 9:20-12:30
Itinerary: Komabatodaimae Station→Komabano Park→ University of Tokyo Komaba Campus→Komaba Park→ Visit Western and Japanese style buildings of Former Maeda Family Residence http://www.syougai.metro.tokyo.jp/sesaku/maedatei.html →Lunch at Komaba Campus at Tokyo University
Participants: Non-Japanese:15 China*3 India*2 Indonesia*1 Kazakhstan*2
Philippines*1 UK*1 USA*4 Thailand*1

Walk Around Meguro(2nd Event) "Visit Sugekari Park&Enjoy Tea Ceremony"
Time: May16(Sat.)9:30-12:30AM
Place: Traditional Japanese House at Sugekari Park(2-11-25, Aobadai, Meguro-ku)
Meet: at the exit of Nakameguro Station on Tokyu Toyoko/Hibiya Line at 9:30AM
Content: Visit Saigoyama Park and Sugekari Park
Enjoy Tea Ceremony, Origami, and game of GO at Traditional Japanese House
Interpretation: available in English
Non-Japanese participants: China(2) Koria(1) Philippines(1) USA(2)
Japanese volunteers: 16
Activities: Participants enjoyed tea ceremony, origami, and game of GO at a tradtional Japanese house with beautiful garden.

Walk Around Meguro (1st Event)
"Lets Visit Temples Rich in History and Enjoy Cherry Blossoms"
Time: Apr.4 (Sat.) 9:30-12:30
Meet:   at the exit of Nishikoyama Station on Tokyu Meguro Line at 9:30AM
Itinerary: Nishikoyama Station→Tachiaigawa Green Way →Enyuji Temple→Himonyahashimangu Shrine→Suzumenooyado Park →Have a picnic lunch at around Toritsudaigaku Station →Toritsudaigaku Station
★★Chief Priest of Enyuji Temple, Father of Salesio Church, Volunteers at Suzumeno Oyado Park kindly explained each property. Participants deepened friendship with each other while learning history and culture of Meguro.
 Interpretation: Available in English  
 non-Japanese:16 China(3)Canada(1)Finland(1)India(1)Philippines(1)Spain(1)Switzerland(1)Thailand(1)Taiwan(2)USA(4)
Japanese volunteers:34 

"Visit Traditional Japanese Houses and Experience Tea Ceremony at Komaba”
Time: May 31(Sat.)9:15-12:30
Place: Japanese & Western-style Buildings at Komaba Park(4-3-55, Komaba, Meguro-ku)
Meet: at the West Exit of Komabatodaimae Station on Inokashira Line at 9:15AM
Content: *Visit a British Tudor-style Building (built in 1929)
*Experience Tea Ceremony and Origami at a Traditional Japanese House (built in 1930
Sixteen international participants and 26 volunteers enjoyed a fine day and visited Former Marquis Maeda's Residence, which has been designated as a national important cultural property since Sept.2013. They learned Jananese history and culture through joining a guided tour at the western-style building, and Tea Ceremony and Origami making at the Japanese-style House.
■Int'l Participants:14(Chile*1 China*1 Korea*2 Iran*1 Ireland*2 Philippines*1 Romania*1 Taiwan*3 Turkey*2)

"Lets Visit Temples Rich in History and Enjoy Cherry Blossoms"
25 international residents and 19 Japanese residents visited temples and shrines rich in history, learned Japanese history and culture, and enjoyed beautiful cherry blossoms.
Time: Mar.29 (Sun.) 9:30-12:30
Itinerary: Nishikoyama Station→Tachiaigawa Green Way→Enyuji Temple→Himonyahashimangu Shrine→Suzumenooyado Park→Have a picnic lunch at around Toritsudaigaku Station→Toritsudaigaku Station
International participants: Ireland (2) Bangladesh (1) France (1) China (2) France (1) Germany (1) Korea (1) Myanmar (1) Nepal (1) Netherland (1) Pakistan (1) Philippines (1) Thailand (1) Turkey (3) USA (1) Total: 25
Japanese: 19 (including 17 volunteers)

"Visit Traditional Japanese Houses and Experience Tea Ceremony at Komaba  
Time Nov.9(Sat.)9:15-12:30

Place: Japanese & Western-style Buildings at Komaba Park(4-3-55, Komaba, Meguro-ku)
Meet: at the West Exit of Komabatodaimae Station on Inokashira Line at 9:15AM
Content: Visit a British Tudor-style Building (built in 1929)
Experience Tea Ceremony and Origami at a Traditional Japanese House (built in 1930)

Fifteen int'l participants visited the Western and Japanese-style houses of Former Maeda Family and deepened their understanding about the historical architecture.
They also enjoyed friendship with 19 Japananese volunteers through experiencing tea ceremony and folding papers
Participants: 15
Bangladesh*1 Bulgaria*1 Canada*1 China*3 Finland*1 France*2 Korea*1
Philippines*1 Spain*1 Thailand*2 Vietnam*1
Volunteert: 19
2013.3.23 Hanami Report  
Time:   March 23 (Sat.) 9:30-12:00  
Itinerary  JR Meguro Station→Daienji Temple→Megurofudo Temple→Meguro River  
Content  Let's visit temples rich in history and enjoy cherry blossoms!  
Volunteers 13
Participants Total 12
Bangladesh (1), China (2), Germany (1), Korea (3), Mongolia (1), Philippnines (1), Thailand (2), UK (1)

Visit Traditional Japanese Houses and Experience   
Time:   Nov.24(Sat.)9:15-13:00  
Place  Japanese&Western-style Buildings at Komaba Park(4-3-55, Komaba, Meguro-ku)Meet:at the West Exit of Komabatodaimae Station on Inokashira Line at 9:15AM  
Content  Visit a British Tudor-style Building (built in 1929)
Experience Tea Ceremony and Origami at a Traditional Japanese House (built in 1930)
Interpreter  available in English  
Participants: 18
(Belarus*1 Canada*1 China*2 France*2 Germany*1 Korea*2 Kyrgyz*4 Pakistan*1 Russia*1 Thailand*11 UK*1 USA*1)
Volunteers:  19

“Visit to Earthquake Learning Center”
Let’s brace for possible earthquakes through learning preparedness through drills at Earthquake Learning Center!
Date / Time June 9(Sat.)14:00-16:30  
Place Earthquake Learning Center(In Meguro Disaster Prevention Center, 1-9-7, Chuo-cho, Meguro-ku)  
Meet 13:30 at the exit of Gakugei-Daigaku Station on Tokyu Toyoko Line  
Handouts Leaflet of the Earthquake Learning Center, Disaster Survival Manual, and information about
earthquake preparedness for international residents.
Content ・Mechanism of past earthquakes,
・How to escape from smoke,
・How to extinguish fire,
・Lifelines and disaster prevention,
・How earthquakes happen, and
・How to give first aid

Interpretation: available in English
Participants 28 (China:2 Germany:2 Hungary:2 Indonesia:1 Poland:2 Thai:8 USA:2)
Volunteers 10

<”Sakura Walk in Meguro”>
Time:   Apr.7 (Sun.) 9:30-13:30
Itinerary  MIFA→ Yutenji Temple→Shokakuji Temple→Meguro River
→Join and have lunch at Meguro East Area Festival to be held at Dendo Hiroba Koen
International Participants: 28
Austria(1) Canada(3) China(1) Germany(1) Korea(1) Malaysia(3) 
Taiwan(3) Thai(14) Vietnam(1)
Volunteer:  13  

<”Visit to Seven Deities of Good Fortune in Meguro”>  
 We deepened our knowledge about seven deities by visiting three temples holding the three out of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune in Yamate. Volunteers helped coordinate the tour and interpret in English. 
Time:   Oct.29 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00 
Itinerary  JR Meguro Station→
Daienji(Daikokuten)→Banryuji (Benzaiten)→Ryusenji(Ebisu)→Rinshinomori Park (Lunch)
Rain or shine (Lunch at MIFA when it rains.)
Participants Total: 10
(Austria*1 China*1 Germany*2 Korea*1 Peru*1 Poland*2 Sri Lanka*1 UK*1)
Volunteer:  16  

<Visit to Earthquake Learning Center> 
Time: June 11(Sat.) 14:00-16:30 
Place: Earthquake Learning Center
(within Meguro Disaster Prevention Center,1-9-7, Chuo-cho, Meguro-ku) 
Handouts: Leaflets of the Center, Disaster Survival Manual, etc.  
Content: ・Mechanism of past earthquakes
・Lifelines and disaster prevention
・Experience earthquakes
・Learng how to extinguish fire
・Learn how to escaping from smoke
・Learn how to give first aid
・Questions and Answers
Participants 27 international residents (China*2 France*2 Hong Kong*1 Kenya*16 Korea*1 Malaysia*1
Slovakia*1 Sri Lanka*1 Sudan*1)
15 Japanese (volunteers)
Total: 42

International BBQ

Report on International BBQ
★ 18 international and 36 Japanese residents prepared food, had lunch, played games together.
Time Oct.24 (Sun) 9:30-13:30
Place Komabano Park (2-19-70)

Report on Environment Day
★Environment Day held on June 5 (Sat) was attended by 17 international residents and 12 volunteers. They, 29 in total, visited Meguro Incineration plant and Meguro Eco Plaza where they deepened their understanding of the way garbage is disposed and the importance to reduce, reuse, and recycle garbage.    
Time June 5 (Sat) 9:20-13:30
Itinerary: 9:20 Meet at MIFA
9:20-9:40   Roll Call; Orientation
9:40-10:00  MIFA→Meguro Incineration Plant
10:00-10:20 Introduction by a staff member of Meguro Incineraiton Plant
10:20-10:35 Watch Video(English)
10:35-11:30 Tour in the plant
11:30-12:00 Q&A
12:00-12:10 Meguro Incineration Plant→Meguro Eco Plaza
12:10-12:20 Introduction by a staff member of Ecolife Meguro Promotion Association
12:20-12:40 Tour in the plaza
12:40-13:00 Q&A
13:00-13:30 Lunch at Study Room
13:30     Dismissed
Participants: International residents: 19

Australia(2) Philippines(1) Hong Kong(1) Indonesia(4) Korea(2) Poland(1)Russia(1) USA(3) Germany(1) Columbia(1)
Japanese volunteers 12

Report on Sakura Walk 2010.04.04
★Thirty-three international residents and 22 Japanese volunteers took part in the event, and enjoyed cherry flowers in full bloom.
They spent three hours walking about 6km, and had a picnic lunch together in the end.
Time: Apr.4(Sat.)9:30-13:30
Meet(Volunteer): 9:00AM at MIFA
Meet(Int'l residents) 9:30AM at MIFA
Handouts: Explanation of places to visit and a map
Itinerary: 9:00-9:30 Orientation for Volunteers
9:30-9:40 Orientation for International participants
9:40-10:00 MIFA→Former Asakura's residence
10:00-10:40 Visit Former Asakura Residence(Explanation A)
10:40-11:00 Asakura Residence→Saigoyama Park
11:00-11:20 Visit Saigoyama Park(Explanation B、E)
11:20-11:30 Saigoyama Park→Sugekari Park
11:30-12:00 Visit Sugekari Park(Explanation C、D)
12:00-12:30 Sugekari Park→Meguro River→Nakameguro Park
12:30-13:30 Lunch at Nakameguro Park
13:30    Dismissed
Explanation of Places to visit: A. Former Asakura Residence
B. Saigoyama Park
C. Sugekari Park
D. Meguro River and Cherry Trees along the river
E. Hanami
Groups: Group1(Interpretation in English and Chinese available)
Group2(Interpretation in English and Spanish available)
Group3(Interpretation in English Available).
Participants: Volunteers:22
International participants:34
Argentina*1、Belarus*2、Brazil*1、China*4、Colombia*2、France*3、Germany*1、Hong Kong*1、South Korea*1、Indonesia*5、New Zealand*1、Peru*1、Philippines*4、Taiwan*2、Vietnam*2、U.S.A*2.

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