Tea Ceremony

A class popular among both beginners and advanced learners!

You can try tea ceremony from the very beginning. Interpretation is available in English.
We have seasonal events such as open-air tea ceremony (“Nodate”) in spring, the star festival in summer, celebration of the harvest in fall and so on.
Accompanying children allowed.

・Amazing! It was so lovely learning from sensei (teachers) and being welcomed so kindly. And the tea was delicious!(a female from Australia)
・Just once but it was so nice.(a male from Italy)
・It was very interesting and welcoming an excellent introduction to Japanese tea history and culture.(a male from the U.K)
・International exchange through Tea ceremony is wonderful. I take words of teachers to heart every single time. Thank you for having valuable time.(a female from Japan)

Date the 3rd Thursdays(except national holidays, August, and January)

*The class has been suspended due to prevention of Coronavirus. (2020~)

Time 10:00-12:00 a.m.
Place Hagi-no-ma (Japanese room on the 1st floor of Meguro City Office Complex)
Fee MIFA member ¥600 /  visitor ¥1,000
※Bring a pair of white socks and a handkerchief, which enable you to experience much more authentic Chanoyu. (You can join the class without them as well.)
Capacity 20 people
Apply Inform MIFA of ①your name, ②nationality, ③phone number ④the date you will attend by noon on a day prior to your arrival.
※Fee of 500 yen will be incurred upon you in case of cancellation after that.

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