Announcement from MIFA

Following events are to be suspended to prevent further infections from new coronavirus at MIFA
You are to be advised at the end of March 2020 of whether these events are operable.
Please accept our apology for the inconveniences caused. You would be kindly requested to join MIFA events as before when they are resumed. Thank you for your consideration.

List of events to be suspended as of Feb.25, 2020

Every Wednesday daytime from Feb.26 onward Japanese Conversation Salon
Every Thursday nighttime from Feb.27 onward Japanese Conversation Salon
Feb.28, Mar.13, Mar.27 Welcome Salon (affiliate member of MIFA)
Feb.29 Seminar for Volunteers
Mar.3 & Mar.17 Ikebana
Mar.7 Seminar for Hospitality to Foreigners
Mar.14 Saturday TalkCafe
Mar.19 Tea Ceremony
Mar.22 Seminar to Improve Interpreter Skill

*Please make an inquiry at MIFA.
Contact Welcome Salon for details about suspension of its activity.

Meguro International Friendship Association
Tel: 03-3715-4671

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