Re: New Coronavirus (Informaiton to be shared)

Following is information to be shared regarding new coronavirus.

《information forwarded from groups and organizations》

2021.02.02 Japan’s government has decided to extend its coronavirus state of emergency until March 7 for Tokyo, Osaka and other prefectures. (Multilingual)

2021.01.13 Japan’s government has declared a state of emergency. Check out the targeted prefectures and details. (Multilingual)

COVID-19 Information and Resources” (Multilingual)
Source: Cabinet Secretariat

COVID-19 assistance service site now in Indonesian, Bengali, and Urdu” (English / Indonesian / Bengali / Urdu)
Source: ACCEPT International

COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)
Source: Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare

FRESC Help Desk is now open for people affected by COVID-19” (Easy Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / Português / Vietnamese / Nepalese / Thai / Indonesian / Tagalog / Myanmarese / Cambodian / Mongolian)
Source: Ministry of Justice
やさしい日本語 English  中文  한글 Tagalog

How to Apply for Out-of-Work Support Fund and Cash Handout” (Multilingual)
Source: Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare

How to Apply for Out-of-Work Support Fund and Cash Handout by Mail” (Multilingual)
Source: Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare

New Portal Website for Emergency & Coronavirus

Special Cash Payment (100,000 yen) and Residence Status Change
Source: NPO Tabumane (Multilingual), Multi Language Center FACIL (Multilingual)

Movie: How to fill in the application for special fixed value benefit

Source: NPO Tabumane (Multilingual)

For Foreigners Working in Companies
Source: Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (Multilingual)

Information about the Housing Security Benefit

Source: Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (Multilingual)

Novel Coronvirus (COVID-19) Countermeasuresrevised on May 14
Source: SHARE (Multilingual)

Extension of the period for acceptance of applications and extension of the
application examination results in order to prevent the spread of the novel
coronavirus (COVID-19)

Source: Immigration Services Agency of Japan

“Guide to Special Cash Payments”
Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

“Announcement of grace period for water bills”  (Easy Japanese /  English)
Source: CLAIR
Inquiry: Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government(03-5326-1101)*Japanese

“Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents (TOCOS)”  revised on Apr. 21
(Easy Japanese / English / Chinese, Korean / Vietnamese / Nepalese / Indonesian / Tagalog,
Thai / Portuguese / Spanish / French / Cambodian / Myanmarese)
Source: Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

“Guidance on Temporary Loan Emergency Funds” (Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / Portuguese / Vietnamese)
Source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

“New Coronavirus Multilingual Consultation Center” (Multilingual)
Source: AMDA Medical Information Center

“NHK WORLD” (Multilingual)
Source: NHK

Avoid the “Three Cs”!
Source: Prime Minister’s Office of Japan

COVID-19 Task Force website” (Japanese / Easy Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean)
*You can change language at the bottom left of the website.
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

“Infections from new coronavirus”(Japanese / Easy Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Tagalog)
Source:Council of Local Authorities for International Relations(CLAIR)
日本語 やさしい日本語 English 中文 한글 Tagalog
Find links to information in other languages below.▼

Source:Meguro City Website

Infection Prevention Subsection, Public Health & Infection Control Section, Meguro City Public Health Center 03-5722-9896 Weekday 8:30-17:00
Consultation on the phone at Tokyo Metropolitan Government 03-5320-4509 Everyday 9:00-21:00
Consultation on the phone at Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 0120-565653 Everyday 9:00-21:00

Consultation in multiple languages

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Health Information Center 03-5285-8181 Everyday


English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish

Search a medial institution on the Internet

東京都医療機関案内サービス ひまわり Japanese English, Chinese, Korean

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