Japanese Tea Ceremony


Welcome to MIFA tea ceremony

Sado, Japanese tea ceremony, is one of the Japanese traditional cultures where host serves tea to guests with a heart of hospitality. Our tea ceremony is true to tradition. Participants always enjoy watching high-skilled performance of making tea, and having tasty matcha.
We used to serve a bowl of tea per person at a ceremony, but this time, we will demonstrate 3 types of tea-servings: thin tea (薄茶 Usucha), thick tea (濃茶 Koicha), and tea box (茶箱 Chabako) . You will find different tools and techniques are used for each tea. Followings are the brief introduction of the three:

Authentic tearoom and its garden

The location is also perfect for the experience of Japanese tea ceremony.
In this beautiful garden, there is a small tearoom which is reminiscent of the “Yuin”, one of the typical tearooms of Urasenke. The interior is of convention of 4.5 tatami-mats layout with atmosphere of Wabi. The master will serve you a bowl of thick tea in this room. You will definitely enjoy authentic tearoom and its garden.

Believe it or not, it is located in the building of Meguro City Office!

Event info

Thursday, June 27

Time slot: Choose 1 from below

                     Ⅰ 10:00-12:00   or Ⅱ 13:00-15:00

Place: Japanese room “Hagino-ma”  (1st floor of Meguro City Office Complex)

Content: You can enjoy 3 types of tea : thick tea (Koicha), thin tea (Usucha), and tea box (Chabako) with small Japanese confectionary.

Language: Japanese & English

Fee: 1,000 yen

Limited enrollment: 15 ppl / each session (FCFS)  *Only non-Japanese people can apply for this event.

Note: If you need to cancel, please inform us by noon on June 25 (Tue.). A cancellation fee of 1,000 yen will be incurred after that.

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AM session
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