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English Newsletter Kaleidoscope Meguro, issued bimonthly between July 2017 and March 2020 , is to be replaced by Everyday Life Information Digital News to be issued both in English and Japanese from March 2021 onward.

Everyday Life Information Digital News vol.2 (2021.5.20)  English

Everyday Life Information Digital News vol.1 (2021.3.20)  English

Purpose The purpose of Everyday Life Information Digital News is to disseminate latest local information both in Japanese and English among non-native Japanese living in Meguro City and its vicinity so that they can live a comfortable life.
Media To deliver Everyday life Information Digital News via email and SNS in Japanese and English.
Delivery The 20th day of every other month (a weekday immediately before the day when it falls on a holiday). The first issue is to be delivered in March 2021.
Issuance March 20  May 20  July 20  September 20  November 20  January 20
Structure (1)Categories: Information from Meguro City / Information from Tokyo / Other Information
(2)Number of Articles: two articles or less for each category in principle
(3)Article size: within 240 letters (double space; including spaces) for Japanese texts, while within 480 letters (single space; including spaces) for English texts An article includes its title, category, source, and web link
Content (1) Administration (status of residence, health insurance, pension, tax, social welfare, parenting, education, disaster awareness, etc.)
(2) Everyday Life (housing, transportation, financial institutions, shopping, sports, medical services, Japanese education, employment, etc.)
(3) Tourism (scenic and historic spots, parks, restaurants, etc.)
(4) Japanese Culture
(5) Other categories
Language Japanese / English
Organization Everyday Life Information Digital News Committee undertakes creating the news. The committee consists of MIFA secretariat and members. MIFA Secretariat calls and convenes a meeting, controls page creating, gives direction to members in charge of articles, confirms the content of the web page, and undertakes accounting. Volunteers help choose, translate, and edit articles. Inform MIFA via email (info@mifa.jp) if you want to join the committee.
Management Committee meetings are in principle conducted on-line, and interviews are conducted via telephone and email.
Work Flow Choose topics → Write articles → Translation → Editing → Post articles → Delivery
Subscribe Please inform MIFA via email (info@mifa.jp) of your name and email address to subscribe.
Schedule 1st day of the previous month: start of articles entry
20th day of the previous month: deadline of articles entry
20th of the publishing month: delivery
Contribute If you have information which non-native Japanese should be informed of, please inform MIFA via email by one month prior to the issuance, of the group you belong to, your name/phone number/email address, title, body, and URL and whom to contact for inquiries. 


Please access MIFA old webpage to see reports before 2017.(Click here)

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