【Report】Sightseeing Walk in Meguro!–Visit Seven Deities of Good Fortune in Yamate

We visited temples enshrining Seven Deities of Good Fortune in Yamate, and get to know their origins and history of each temple.
Time:9:30-12:00 on Jan.5 (Fri.), 2024
Meet:at ticket gate of Shiroganetakanawa Station
on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line/Toei Mita Line at 9:20.
Bishamonten, the god of war and warriors (Kakurinji Temple)
→Hotei, the god of happiness and contentment(Zuishoji Temple)
→Jurojin, the deity of longevity, and and Fukurokuju, the deity of happiness (Myoenji Temple)
→Daikoku, the god of wealth, farmers and the kitchen (Daienji Temple)
→Benten, the deity of music and fine arts (Banryuji Temple)
→Ebisu, the god of commerce, fishermen and good fortune (Ryusenji Temple)
Guide: in English
Participants:19(Belgium*1 China*8 India*1 Indonesia*1 Italy*1 Japan*4 USA*3)
I had a very happy tour and have got to know several new friends. Thanks very much.
Thanks for organizing the tour. It was very interesting.
I think it will be even better if more time is specially arranged for communicating between each other (both attendees and local guides)
As far as comments about this tour, I don’t see anything that could be improved. It was an organized tour, smooth and fulfilling. I would like to participate in similar events in the future.
We saw the gods and the beautiful temple buildings, learned about Japanese traditional culture, made new friends, and had lunch together after the tour. I thought it was an interesting experience.
I gained a deeper understanding of local culture and beliefs while learning the guide’s explanations and historical background.

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