Student exchange

International Students Exchange Activities
Eligibility: to be an international student who is enrolled at a university in Tokyo

Event calendar in 2018

Month Day Time Activity Apply
April 7 10:00-12:00 Kick-off  finished
– Lecture by Ph.D. Reiko Sato, Tokyo Institute of Technology (conducted in Japanese)
– Introduction to annual events (in Japanese)
21 10:00-12:00 team meeting  finished
May 12 10:00-12:00 team meeting  finished
13:00-17:00 Home visit  report
26 10:00-12:00 team meeting finished
June 9 10:00-12:00 team meeting finished
13:00-15:30 Cultural Ambassador Presentation – Lecture session: Bangladesh, Vietnam, Iran, China report
23 10:00-14:00 Japanese cooking  report
30 10:00-12:00 team meeting finished
July 7 10:00-14:00 Cultural Ambassador Presentation – Cooking session: Russian, Indonesian, China report
September 8 10:00-12:00 team meeting finished
29 10:00-12:00 team meeting finished
October 6 10:00-12:00 team meeting finished
13 13:00-15:30 Cultural Ambassador Presentation – Lecture in Japanese (India, Colombia, Mongolia, Turkey, Malaysia) report
27 10:00-12:00 team meeting finished
November 10 10:00-16:00 Walk around Kamakura report
December 1 13:00-15:00 Home visit report

【Report】Home Visit for international students, 17th of November, 2019

International students spent a pleasant afternoon with their host familly.

【Report】Home Visit for international students, on June 8th, 2019

19 International students visited Japanese families and spent a pleasant afternoon. 🌸 Date: Saturday, 8th of June, 2019, 13:00-17:00 Meeting place: MIFA Voice of international students who participated in the program: ・It was a fantastic experience. ・My host family was absolutely lovely and we talked about a whole range of topics in both Japanese and English. ・The host family were very friendly and made me feel at home. I was very comfortable talking with them about everything. ・They had very good command over English which helped me communicate to them better. But they were also encouraging me to speak in the Japanese that I know, by asking me basic questions in […]

【report】Home Visit for international students, December 1, 2018

23 International students who are enrolled in universities visited Japanese families.

【Report】Walk around Kamakura 2018

International students enjoyed a walk around Kamakura on a very sunny day.

【report】Cultural Ambassador Presentation, 2nd session 2018

International students from India, Colombia, Mongolia, Turkey and Malaysia did the presentation of their country in Japanese. 

【report】World Cooking by International Students

Russian, Indonesian and Chinese international students introduced their food and interacted with Japanese.

【report】Japanese Cooking for International Students

International students enjoyed Japanese Cooking with Japanese volunteers.

【report】Cultural Ambassador Presentation

Four international students did the presentation of their country in Japanese. 

【report】Home Visit for international students 2018

26 International students visited 20 Japanese families.

【report】Home Visit program – 2017 Autumn session

International students visited Japanese family and spent a pleasant afternoon.


Please access MIFA old webpage to see reports before 2017.(Click here)

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