Walk around Meguro

“Walk around Meguro is an activity to encourage international residents
to walk around Meguro with volunteers and enjoy friendship.
This is an activity to achieve friendship to connect non-native Japanese
residents who want to visit facilities and learn culture, geography,
history, nature of Meguro City with volunteers who want to offer to meet their needs.  ※ This program has been terminated as of Mar.31, 2019.


【Report】Hanami Walk

Learn temples rich in history and enjoy cherry blossoms.

【Report】Visit Former Asakura Family Residenceand Enjoy Tea Ceremony

We enjoyed autumnal colors, learned history, and enjoyed tea ceremony at former Asakura Family Residence. Time Dec. 9 (Sun.) 9:30-12:00AM Venue Former Asakura Residence (29-20, Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku) Content 1.Visit former Asakura residence – traditional Japanese architecture 2.Enjoy tea ceremony and autumnal colors at its garden Participants 11 (Bangladesh*2 Brunei*2 Japan*2 Malaysia*1 New Zealand*1 Taiwan*1 UK*1 USA*1)

【Report】Visit a historical park to enjoy tea ceremony, game of go, and origami!

We Visited a historical park to enjoy tea ceremony, game of go, and origami!

【Report】Hanami Walk

We enjoyed a beautiful day and cherry blossoms of varieties other than someiyoshino. A buddist priest kindly explained the history of the temple and Jodo sect at Yutenji Temple. We also visited two other temples and deepened out knowledge about history, geography and Buddhism.。


Please access MIFA old webpage to see reports before 2017.(Click here)

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