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General information on life in Japan
【Tokyo M G】Tokyo Intercultural Portal Site
Websites of the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
Websites of Foreign Embassies in Japan(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
Foreign Missions in Japan(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

Procedures for Immigration and Residence
Immigration Bureau of Japan

・New handling regarding the validity period of the Certificate of Eligibility (As of Jan.21,2021)

How to Open a Bank Account and Send Money (Financial Services Agency)

Resident Registration

Work / Employment

Education / Learning Japanese
Volunteer Nihongo Class Guide

Medical Services
Information related to Novel Coronavirus Infection(COVID-19) from Immigration Services Agency
Regarding denial of landing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 
【Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet】Novel Coronavirus Vaccines
【Ministry of Health and Welfare】COVID-19 vaccination instructions (multiple languages)
【Tokyo】Tokyo Multilingual Consultation Navi
Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection Prevention Handbook for the General Public Ver.2.2 
【Meguro City】Consultation regarding new coronavirus infections and their countermeasures

Pensions and Social Insurance

National Tax Agency
 Residential Tax
National Tax Agency
For 2021 Application for (Change in) Exemption for Dependents of Employment Income Earner
For 2020 Application for (change in) exemption for dependents of employment income earner
For 2020 Application for Basic Exemption of Employment Income Earner and Application for Exemption for Spouse of Employment Income Earner and Application for Exemption of Amount of Income Adjustment
Types, etc. of Incomes Other than Employment Income (for 2020)
For 2020 Application for Deduction for Insurance Premiums for Employment Income Earner

Apartment Search Guidebook

Disaster Prevention


Please access MIFA old webpage to see reports before 2017.(Click here)

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