MIFA Direct Mail

–Please register yourself as a recipient of MIFA Direct Mail (free of charge)!–
◆You will be advised via email monthly about MIFA activities
◆You will be also be informed occasionally of special news (i.e., disaster awareness, events that failed to be notified, etc.).
◆This service is free of charge.
◆Apply: Please send an email to MIFA in the following manner.

Send to:〈info@mifa.jp〉(MIFA email address)
Re: MIFA Direct Mail
Text:Your name:
Your MIFA membership No.:
Your preferred language: Japanese/English
★Switch off rejection Setting of your device to allow it to receive group emails sent from a PC.
◆Please be informed that MIFA Direct Mail will partially duplicate MIFA Mail Magazine and MIFA Mail News in content.
◆Please inquire at MIFA for any question regarding this new service.

Apply/Inquire:Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA)
TEL:03-3715-4671 FAX:03-3715-4672
Email:info@mifa.jp  URL:http://www.mifa.jp


Please access MIFA old webpage to see reports before 2017.(Click here)

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