Let’s try Japanese and World Cooking!
International Cooking classes are planned and conducted by Japanese and foreign volunteers.
They choose what to make, arrange the lecturers, print recipes, get ready the ingredients, and conduct classes.
Each time there are about 30 participants including volunteers and a lecturer.
We provide English recipes and arrange a different menu for vegetarians.
In class, Japanese and foreign participants prepare and cook the dishes together and eat what they made in class.
Members can not only taste authentic cooking but also experience the culture of that country and moreover the friendship and cultural exchange among participants in the class.
Recipes in English and in Japanese are available.

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Report: Japanese Cooking

Japanese cooking volunteers teach you how to prepare Japanese dishes while enjoying interaction with the locals.

【Report】2019 Japanese Cooking Class

We enjoyed making sushi rolls and the other Japanese traditional home cooking.

【report】2018 Japanese cooking 2

When you learn different culture or discover something new about the country, it is always a good idea to experience it. And this is it. The participants cooked three dishes cooperatively with each other and enjoyed cross-cultural interaction. ▼please click the photo to see a recipe▼   February 16, 2019 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00 Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan (2-14-23, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku) Menu ・Boiled Fried Bean Curd Stuffed with Meat and Vegetables ・Japanese Vegetable Soup ・Deep-fried Marinated Chicken Attendees 24 in total(China*5, Finland, France, Bangladesh, USA*2, Jamaica, Greece*1/Japan*9) as well as 7 cooking volunteers Comments ・It was very organized and everyone was very nice! I like how they did everything in both English and […]

【report】2018 Japanese cooking

The participants enjoyed making their own okonomiyaki. The crowd erupted into cheers when someone flipped a pancake successfully. ▼please click the photo to see a recipe▼ Oct 20, 2018 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00 Seishonen Plaza, Room #6 (2-10-13, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku) Menu ・ Okonomiyaki (As-you-like-it Pancake) ・ Salad with Plum Dressing ・ Rice Flour Dumplings with Seasonal Fruits Attendees 23 in total(France*4, Germany*2, Greece*2, Finland, U.K, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Bangladesh, Canada, Jamaica*1/Japan*7) as well as 5 cooking volunteers Comments ・It was really well organized so it went smoothly. The volunteers were very nice and the food was delicious. ・It was really amazing. Very well organized. I met a lot new people. Good instructers! ・Event is […]

【report】2017 Japanese cooking 2

"Great event, nice people, well organized and delicious food." from the survey.

【report】2017 Japanese cooking1

"It was fun and worth our time and money." from the survey.

【report】2016 Japanese cooking2

"I learned new dishes, was able to speak with other people, and ate delicious food." from the survey.
Report: World Cooking

Non-Japanese cooking instructor introduces foreign dishes. You can experience exotic atmosphere even in Japan.

【Report】2019 Thai Cooking

  See the recipes February 15, 2020 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00 Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan (2-14-23, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku) Instructor Ms. Yukiko UNO Menu ・Khao Man Gai, Thai Chicken Rice ・Yam Woon Sen, Thai Glass Noodle Sald ・Boa Loy, Sweet Rice Balls in Coconut Milk Attendees 22 in total(South Africa, France, Greece, Germany, Taiwan, AUS, USA, Peru*1/Japan*14) as well as 8 cooking volunteers Comments ・The cooking class is a wonderful way to socialize with Japanese people as well as other nationalities. ・It was a wonderful lesson! Thank you for the great opportunity to learn something new while meeting a lot of friendly people. The volunteers are very helpful. Great team work! Thank you so […]

【Report】2019 Greek Cooking

Enjoy authentic taste of Greece!

【report】2018 Iranian cooking

Ms. Nahid, an instructor, demonstrated how to prepare Iranian and even gave us a gift of acappella song! ▼please click the photo to see a recipe▼ June 16, 2018 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00 Seishonen Plaza, Room #6 (2-10-13, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku) Instructor Ms. Nahid Nikzad(MIFA member) Menu ・ Shevid Baghali Polo with Morgh (Dill and Lima Bean Rice with Saffron Chicken) ・ Shirazi Salad (Crunchy Salad with Cucumbers and Tomatoes from Shiraz) ・ Mast o Nanaa   (Yogurt and Herb Dip) ・ Ferni desert   (Milk Pudding) Attendees 22 in total(U.S*3, France, U.K, Switzerland, Canada*1/Japan*10) as well as 6 cooking volunteers Comments ・The food was delicious. The presentation was interesting and easy to follow. ・It was a very grouply and lively event. […]

【report】2017 Uzbek cooking class

Ms. Dildora showed how to prepare looooong noodles, which made participants very surprised and amused. ▼please click the photo to see a recipe▼ Sep. 30 (Sat.) 10:00-13:00 Midorigaoka Bunka Kaikan (2-14-23, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku) Instructor Ms. Dildora Bakhriddinova(MIFA member) Attendees 23 in total (Japan*21 Bolivia*1 France*1) 1 Uzbek Cooking instructor, 5 Japanese volunteers Menu ・ Lagman (Noodles with beef and vegetable soup) ・ Urama Baklajan (Rolled Eggplant) ・ Halva (Oriental sweets) Comments ・Every dish was delicious. Making noodle was very interesting. ・It was a good idea that the volunteers demonstrated how to prepare each dish at each table. ・I’m very happy to learn new recipes. I’ll try them again at home! […]


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