【Report】Home Visit for international students, 17th of November, 2019

22 International students visited Japanese families and spent a pleasant afternoon. 🌸
Date: Sunday, 17th of November, 2019, 13:00-17:00
Meeting place: MIFA

Voice of international students who participated in the program:

・This was a a very fun time! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the host family.
・It was a great experience for me. I could try Japanese culture in the real, because all happens naturally. Even they allow me to pray in their house. Really appreciate it! :))
・It’s one awesome experience. The host family is pretty friendly and has served coffee with delicious cake, Japanese tea and some special snacks. The talk is fantastic and the family has interesting experience abroad.
・I really enjoyed this activity. I hope you will continue to organize this activity in the future.
・We talked about a variety of stuffs. The mother brought up a topic and we explored from there. There was light topics, like music, movies and cultural differences, to difficult ones like global warming, career, political situation of some countries, economics and many more. They showed me pictures and toured me around their wonderful house. Their dog was lovely and it was a shame that I didn’t get to introduce myself to him.

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